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Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

The use of telemedicine for acute stroke care has advanced considerably in some largely rural German states. Various teleneurology networks complement each other quite well and are leading the way through the existing stroke units to balanced, full regional coverage. We welcome current considerations regarding the multi-centric unification of these single networks and their multi-disciplinary expansion. With this development, a completely new quality in the implementation of telemedicine for acute stroke has arisen. MEYTEC supports the entire range of telemedicine solutions, from the individual to the general. In this way, Germany can establish itself as a forerunner throughout Europe in the use of teleneurology for stroke care for the benefit of the patient, a development which, despite criticism from naysayers, can no longer be held back.

I hope you’ve had a good start in 2010 and as always, enjoy!

Gerhard W. Meyer

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SIE-media and MEYTEC branches move to Magdeburg

SIE-media and MEYTEC / Magdeburg In effect as of January 4 2010, Sie media and MEYTEC brances have moved to Magdeurg in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. On the occasion of the opening of the new company offices in Magdeburg, the leader of the SIE media branch, graduate engineer Gerald Huth said: “With this move a dream we have fostered for some time was fulfilled. The new location will be more convenient for our customers, and we will be able to draw more attention to our company in Saxony-Anhalt.” For the MEYTEC branch, the move to the state capital is a great advantage, since it’s closer to the University of Magdeburg and to those hospitals furnished with MEYTEC technology. The expansion of the MEYTEC division R&D will continue in Magdeburg and will lead to the development of new telemedicine solutions and their marketing. At the same time the creation of new jobs in Saxony-Anhalt is planned.

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MEYTEC is a partner in the European research project PSYCHE

Representatives from universities and companies from 10 countries in the European Union started the joint research project PSYCHE in January 2010 in Pisa. The project is funded by the European Union as part of the “Information and communication technology” topic in the 7th framework program. The PSYCHE project supports participants in research on the connections between physiological indications and individual emotional states. It will help to recognize emotional disturbances as illnesses and to then treat them. The basic approach will be to support the development of procedures and instruments which collect physiological and situational data in healthy and affected volunteers during their daily lives and over longer periods of time, such as weeks or months. Particularly challenging is the creation of a continuous data collection system which doesn’t disturb daily life. In order to reach the project goals, the consortium brings partners together who have multi-disciplinary experience in the field of sleep analysis, signal processing, data management, telemedicine and electronics embedded in clothing. The project will last 40 months and will enable the participating companies to benefit from the transfer of knowledge from universities. MEYTEC is responsible for the telemedicine portion of the project.

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Another stroke network opens in Saxony

On 4 December 2009 the official launch of the new teleneuromedicine stroke network, TNS-NET southwest Saxony, took place at the HELIOS hospital Aue/Saxony. The particular political significance of this project was underscored by the participation of the Saxon State Minister, Ms. Christine Clauß. She also gave the symbolic starting signal for the official use of the new regional telemedicine network in southwest Saxony. Currently the network consists of three interregional centers in Aue, Chemnitz and Zwickau with certified stroke units, three auxiliary centers as well as five cooperating hospitals. Other hospitals in the region have announced their interest and could take part in the future. With the consistent implementation of practically complete teleneuromedicine care coverage, the region of Saxony is on a promising path. With the three teleneurology networks SOS-NET, TESSA and TNS-NET a quite high concentration of coverage has been reached. In addition to the state of Saxony, which funded the telemedicine technology investments, the insurance companies under the auspices of the Association of SHI Physicians have contributed to the success of the network. Each tele-consult in Saxony will be financed additionally with 517€. This regulation is currently unique in Germany and constitutes a ground-breaking example of how telemedicine services in primary care can be supported. As a result of a nationwide competition MEYTEC was given the task of technically implementing the new network.
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teleneuromedicine stroke network TNS-NET project opening   PD Dr. med Guntram Ickenstein, Helios Klinikum Aue, during his talk   Project opening of the tele-neuromedicine stroke network TNS-NET
PD Dr. med. Guntram Ickenstein, Helios Klinikum Aue and Christine Clauß, State Minister for Social Issues and Consumer Protection at the project opening PD Dr. med Guntram Ickenstein, Helios Klinikum Aue, during his talk Project opening of the tele-neuromedicine stroke network TNS-NET

Telemedicine Project Acute Stroke Care with MEYTEC participation

The telemedicine project TASC (Telemedical Acute Stroke Care), begun in May 2009 at the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg, is counting on the integration of MEYTEC solutions. A group of researchers at the university comprised of members of the chairs of Entrepreneurship, medical telematics and medical technology and the University of Magdeburg Hospital under the directorship of Prof. Dr. rer. Pol. Matthias Raith, is developing, among other things, a scaleable telemedicine infrastructure solution. At the same time economically sustainable business, financial and treatment models are being developed. The flow of the whole medical treatment chain in stroke care should also be improved by systems and solutions aimed at facilitating decisions. The mobile telemedicine system VIMED TELEDOC will be installed in the peripheral hospitals participating in the project and in three other hospitals. An MDR television report aired on 10 May 2009 on MDR Saxony-Anhalt entitled “Telemedicine” shows that the use of this system in hospitals in Halberstadt and Stendal has been successful since their 2008 launch.
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MEYTEC supports symposium in Greifswald

Gesundheit - Wirtschaft - TelematikOn December 1 2009 the organization Vernetzte Gesundheit (Networked Health) hosted its 4th symposium entitled “Health - Business - Telematics” in Greifswald. In addition to topics such as quality guidelines, change management, innovations in the telematic model region Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the effects of the financial crisis on the health care sector were especially highlighted. The forum leader was Wolfgang Loos, managing chairman of the DG-Telemed. MEYTEC was also once again an exhibitor at the symposium. Dipl.-Ing. Horst Richter, project manager at MEYTEC was able to engage in interesting conversations and make new contacts.
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Workshop of the future “Attending to life at life’s end” and telemedicine

In January 2010, the second workshop for the future took place in Aue, Saxony under the title “Attending to life at life’s end”. The workshop’s organizer was the German Red Cross Aue-Schwarzenberg in cooperation with the Academy for Palliative Medicine and Hospice, Dresden. The topic was very important for all speakers and participants, since palliative care is still recognized and supported too little in our society. It was made clear that the development of a palliative network in the region is necessary and can partake of other treatment/care models. At the same time the position was clearly formulated that the sector should develop and implement its own palliative care concepts. The chairman of the board from PalliaHOMEmed in Ebersberg, Bavaria, Willi Daniels, was invited and presented the project of telemedicine-supported palliative care mainly in a domestic setting in his talk. The managing director of MEYTEC Ing. Gerhard W. Meyer, spoke about the “Technical possibilities and limits in the development of a palliative network using the example of telemedicine.” The result of the workshop was an agreement to continue this initiative, in which telemedicine can provide support. Nurses, doctors and university experts can support and document case-specific, hiqh-quality, effective palliative care in real time by means of an overall telemedicine solution.
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Brandenburg’s fifth telematics conference in Potsdam

Brandenburger Telematikkonferenz zum 5. Mal in PotsdamOn 17 February 2010 the fifth telematics conference in the state of Brandenburg will take place on the campus of the University of Potsdam. MEYTEC is an exhibitor and will present medical data transfer with its own telemonitoring solution. Since the significance of telemonitoring is increasing in Brandenburg and many other regions, MEYTEC has developed a universal kit for the long-term monitoring of various diseases, with which the progression of the disease can be systematically followed by doctors by means of specified vital statistics in electronic case files. In addition to monitoring chronic diseases of the heart, lungs and metabolism, such applications of telemedicine will be expanded step-by-step with new clinical offerings. The R&D leader, Dr. Ing. Michael Schauer, will present MEYTEC’s new telemonitoring solutions in Potsdam and will be available to answer questions from interested users and partners.
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