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Gerhard W. Meyer

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The use of telemedicine for chronically ill patients at home will be increasingly important in the future. Previous models connect telemedicine equipment to a central medical call center. But private practice doctors aren’t quite ready to give up “their” patients to far away call centers. MEYTEC solutions allow doctors to tackle this topic themselves. With intelligent monitoring only that medical data will be forwarded which require medical intervention. In addition to supervision through telemedicine, a certain connection between patient and doctor or patient and hospital can be built up. MEYTEC will be following this development intensively.

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Gerhard W. Meyer

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Construction of new MEYTEC office space continues

In February 2010, a substantial part of the first construction phase on our new premises in the Akazienstraße 13, Seefeld, was finished. With the laying of the screed, the floor is at the stage where further work can quickly proceed. Between June 2009 and February 2010 about 6km of electrical and data wiring was laid. For the floor heating over 3 additional km of heating coils were laid. The construction proceeds under the direction of MEYTEC’s technical managing director, Steffen Meyer. Regarding the current state of the construction, he says, “Everything is going quickly and according to plan. Since the work all takes place in the hall, the long winter hasn’t really interfered with the workflow. Our employees can hardly wait to move into nicer and more functional offices at the end of May 2010.”

Construction of new MEYTEC office   Construction of new MEYTEC office   Construction of new MEYTEC office

MEYTEC employee successfully completes qualification

Turnover in MEYTEC’s medical division grew again last year. The specialized demands require basic knowledge in the area of medical products and their application. Especially important is the correct implementation of the guideline Medical Device Directive 93/42/EWG, which is part of the national law regarding medical products (MPG). As producer and supplier, MEYTEC has considerable responsibility with medical products used on or in the treatment of humans. In February 2010, 8 MEYTEC employees and managers received certification as medical product consultants after intense training and specific  instruction. The employees are involved in production as well as in European sales and service of medical products to hospitals. The certification sessions were carried out by Dipl. Ing. Armin Gärtner, expert on medicine and telemedicine in Berlin.

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New technology for mobile stroke unit at the University Hospital, Saarland

In February 2010, MEYTEC employees equipped the mobile stroke unit MSU in the neurology department at the University Hospital, Saarland with telemedicine technology. Medical videocommunication via UMTS is now possible between the stroke unit of the UKS and the mobile station. With this new solution, experts in the stroke unit can participate in the clarification of stroke in the mobile unit audiovisually with telemedicine. For more than a year the mobile stroke unit has used a teleradiological system from MEYTEC which can send DICOM images from a patient to the radiology department of the UKS via UMTS. Teleradiology is now integrated in the new system. The use of the mobile stroke unit is part of a research project at the University Hospital Saarland under the direction of the head of the neurology department, Prof. Dr. med. Klaus Faßbender.

Mobile stroke unit, University Hospital Saarland Stroke diagnostics and telemedicine in the ambulance

MEYTEC trains private practice assistants in telemedicine

In February 2010, the first telemedicine training for support personnel in private medical practices took place in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, led by MEYTEC employees. The topic “Technology management and telemedicine” was conducted by Dr. Ing. Michael Schauer. With his own academic education and experiences in the development and use of many telemedicine devices, systems and solutions at MEYTEC, Dr. Ing. Schauer is predestined to educate others in the still rather new field of telemedicine theory and practice. Dr. Ing. Schauer has often been consulted in recent years for training sessions on telemedicine, for example in the Fachhochschule Neubrandenburg in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, as well as in the Fachhochschule Senftenberg and in the Heart Center Bernau in Brandenburg. These sessions have always been directed at nurses planning to work with telemedicine systems and solutions in projects such as AgnES and Mäander. In Magdeburg not only basic theorhetical requirements were shown, but also concrete use of telemedicine systems, which was greatly appreciated by the participants.

MEYTEC attends telematics conference in Potsdam

On February 17, the 5th regional conference “Telematics in Health Care” took place. Under the title “Health telematics in change”, new directions in patient care were presented. One segment was concerned with practical applications. MEYTEC was an exhibitor and introduced the new telemonitoring kit VIMED TELEMONITOR in a live presentation. This device makes various telemedicine applications possible in the home. MEYTEC started investing in this area in 2008. Dr. Ing. Michael Schauer, director of R&D for MEYTEC, presented the new solutions to interested conference participants with the help of other employees.  His assessment of MEYTEC’s presence at the conference was very positive, since the first steps toward possible cooperation with interested participants were immediately agreed. Dr. Ing. Schauer said, “We weren’t expecting such a strong interest in MEYTEC solutions for telemonitoring, since there are already strong suppliers on the market. The interest surprised us and motivated us to continue up this path. We will add new clinical applications to our kit. This is an area where the flexibility of a middle-sized company like MEYTEC can be an advantage for the user.”

Anita Tack, Minister for Health, the Environment and Consumer Protection, Brandenburg, at the opening   MEYTEC at telematic conference   live presentation of the new telemonitoring kit VIMED® TELEMONITOR   Industry exhibition - telematic conference in Potsdam
Anita Tack, Minister for Health, the Environment and Consumer Protection, Brandenburg, at the opening f.l., Vincent Gräbig und Dipl.-Ing. Horst Richter, MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme MEYTEC´s live presentation of the new telemonitoring kit VIMED® TELEMONITOR Industry exhibition, telematic conference in Potsdam

Telemedicine seminar in March 2010 in Neurippen, Brandenburg

p>On March 17, 2010 a seminar entitled “Improvement of treatment quality for circulatory illnesses with telemedicine” will take place in Neuruppin, Brandenburg, to which only private practice doctors are invited. The organizer is TSBmedici, an initiative of the TSB technology foundation Berlin. The managing director of TSBmedici, Dr. Helmut Kunze, who is also responsible for the area “medical technology and telemedicine” in the master plan health care industry in Berlin-Brandenburg, is opening the seminar. Talks introduced applications in the area of telemonitoring. MEYTEC’s managing director, Ing. Gerhard W. Meyer, will hold a talk on the topic “Is the use of telemedicine for family doctors worth it?” A live presentation will allow the participating doctors to get an impression of the possibilities of telemedicine solutions.
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Position paper of the DGTelemed “Creating a framework for telemedicine”

The German Society for Telemedicine (DGTelemed) published a position paper on the sustainable use of telemedicine on the occasion of a talk with representatives of the Gemeinsamen Bundesausschussess (G-BA). It was determined that in Germany there are many projects that have proved the medical and also economic benefits of telemedicine. What is most frustrating, however, is that after a project comes to an end it usually is not possible to transfer this to the usual medical or clinical operations. Policies and self-administration is required to create structures for financing telemedicine services or to implement existing possibilities. The health system in Germany is facing big challenges. The goal is a significant price reduction and at the same time quality improvement in medical care. Telemedicine will play an important roll in tackling these issues. In the current position paper 7 theses and requirements are spotlighted which according to the DGTelemed describe the present needs.
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