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in addition to Saxony, Bavaria is also on its way to improving and expanding stroke treatment in rural regions through telemedicine. In southwest Bavaria a new teleneurological network using MEYTEC equipment and called TESAURUS has been started. The success enjoyed thus far in England can now be assessed in the delivery and installation of more VIMED telemedicine systems there. Other articles describe how MEYTEC employees increasingly report on telemedicine and present new areas of application at public events.

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Stroke network TESAURUS opens in Augsburg

The kick-off for a new stroke network took place on March 26 2010 at the Augsburg Hospital in Bavaria. The network “Telemedical and stroke care in the region of Augsburg and southwest Bavaria” (TESAURUS) is led by the neurology department of the Augsburg Hospital with seven other cooperating hospitals. TESAURUS represents a milestone in establishing high-quality regional coverage in stroke care in the area around Augsburg and southwest Bavaria. The network aims to ensure optimal diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients whenever possible on-site. The project opened with a well-attended event in the hospital’s large lecture hall, with the Bavarian minister for health and the environment, Dr. Gerhard Knorr, in attendance. In his introductory talk, the chief of the neurology department, Prof. Dr. Markus Naumann, emphasized the goal of providing complete regional coverage for stroke care in the region. The equipment installed in the participating hospitals belongs to the group VIMED® 2000. The mobile systems VIMED® TELEDOC and the stationary specialist’s desk VIMED® DOC, both developed by MEYTEC, are being used. Participants and guests attending the opening event were impressed by the sound and picture quality during a live-connection stroke treatment session.

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- Klinikum Augsburg: Press Release (24.03.2010, german)

Projekt_TESAURUS   Projekt_TESAURUS   Projekt_TESAURUS   Projekt_TESAURUS
Dr. Gerhard Knorr from the Bavarian Ministry for Health and the Environment TESAURUS kick-off Prof. Dr. Markus Naumann, chief of the neurology department, during an interview Participants and guests at the kick-off event

MEYTEC delivers more telemedicine systems to England

London Additional telemedicine systems were delivered and installed in England by MEYTEC technicians in March 2010. Counting the new installments, 14 hospitals and a few stationary systems are working with MEYTEC products, especially the mobile telemedicine systems VIMED® TELEDOC 2 in the emergency room. The mobile telemedicine systems VIMED® UMTS 2 are increasingly used by consultants in their homes who provide support in diagnosing emergency patients in one or more hospitals. They have immediate access to patient data via electronic patient files and electronic x-rays. They can examine the patient directly by means of video communication. The virtually supervise the further treatment and give instructions to the hospital staff. A competition advertised by one of the leading English newspapers, the Guardian, was won by a telestroke team from the NHS. The telemedicine systems used there come from MEYTEC in Germany. Telemedicine director Mattes Papendieck: “We are very proud that the systems provided by MEYTEC were an important criterion in the jury’s decision. We hope that the HNS-telestroke team continues to enjoy success in quick and effective acute stroke treatment. It’s a good feeling to know that our products make a contribution.”

Private practice seminar in telemedicine

On the 17 March 2010 in the Ruppiner Hospital in Neuruppin, Brandenburg, a seminar with the title “Improvement in care for circulatory illnesses with telemedicine” took place. The seminar is one in a series under the heading TELEMEDICINE and involves private practice doctors. Prof. Dr. med. Schmailzl, chief of medical hospital A in the Ruppiner Hospital held an interesting and closely followed talk on the topic “E-health in rural regions”. The managing director of MEYTEC, Eng. Gerhard W. Meyer, gave practice-oriented tips to the question “Is telemedicine worth it for family doctors?” and tried to give an overview. In the concluding discussion it was clear that for some rural regions in Brandenburg there is an urgent need for action, especially due to the number of private practice vacancies. One solution could be the involvement of practice assistants who undertake certain tasks under the direction of family doctors. That telemedicine could play an important role in this development was generally accepted.

Symposium in Bad Saarow

Symposium Bad Saarow

The 2nd Scharmützelsee Symposium took place on March 26, 2010 in Bad Saarow, Brandenburg, with the title “Interdisciplinary research and learning in the medical field.” Dr. Eng. Michael Schauer, Leader of R&D at MEYTEC held a talk entitled “New Challenges in medical education through telemedicine.” The talk demonstrated that telemedicine applications are well established in many medical fields. As a result, it’s necessary to consider more seriously the use of telemedicine in medical education in the future. Dr. med. Heinrich-Daniel Rühmkorf from the ministry of environment, health and consumer protection in Brandenburg mentioned telemedicine in his statement, explaining that the first concrete steps toward the use of telemedicine in Brandenburg will be made this year.
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Telemedicine for palliative care


The Academy for Palliative Medicine and Hospice Work in Dresden, Saxony is carrying out various seminars for doctors this year. The seminar scheduled for 15 April 2010 includes a talk on possible uses for telemedicine in this field. MEYTEC’s managing director Eng. Gerhard W. Meyer will speak to doctors about “Possibilities and Limits of Telemedicine in Palliative Care.” Support for palliative care via telemedicine systems is an area of interest for doctors in Bavaria and Saxony.
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conhIT’s program 2010 published

conhIT From 20-22 April 2010, everything at the Berlin trade fair will revolve around IT and health. All those active in the field will be meeting at Europe’s biggest and most comprehensive topic-specific event, “conhIT - the industry meeting place for healthcare IT”. There they hope to learn about current developments in the field, to make contacts and to expand their knowledge at a high level. With well-known national and international experts, conhIT’s four daily sessions are once again filled with the best. The main topic for 2010 is how innovative IT solutions for health care systems can arise through competition. The DGTelemed is represented for the first time in the program advisory board, as telemedicine is a central topic in the conference program. Session 10, “Telemedicine models in rural regions,” is all about current telemedicine treatment models which can be used as examples for patient care in rural or structurally weak regions. Taking stroke networks in Saxony as examples, it will be shown that telemedicine is possible for regional and primary care under certain conditions. Using the example of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, integrated care concepts will be presented and problems, solutions and potiential for complete regional care will be made clear. European initiatives from regions and members of the EU will also be considered, taking an integrated telemedicine system in Norway as an example. The concluding discussion, with MdA Dr. Rolf Koschorrek (CDU), member of the Gesundheitsausschusses des Deutschen Bundestages (parliamentary committee dealing with healthcare questions), will center on necessary conditions for telemedicine health care models in rural areas.
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