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Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

over the last 15 years various initiatives wholly or in part related to telemedicine have emerged in Germany. The foundation of the German Society for Telemedicine (DGTelemed) in 2005 was a step in this direction. The new organization had two main goals: first of all, DGTelemed wanted to reach telemedicine users and secondly, the concept of telemedicine for the group was in particular the bridging of distance gaps and interdisciplinary cooperation between doctors. This concept is becoming more and more widespread. In the beginning DGTelemed was observed with a critical eye by many experts, but today it is accepted as a professional association in Germany. I’m especially pleased to have belonged to the group of founding members in December 2005 and to have been convinced of its positive development. The first combination of the 15 TELEMED (trade seminar for health telematics and telemedicine) and the 5 DGTelemed conference taking place under one roof from 3-5 November 2010 is the high point thus far of this development. I recommend that you reserve these dates now and book your place for these exciting events.

As always, enjoy!

Gerhard W. Meyer

News: Research and Development
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60 GHz wireless transfer for medical applications successfully tested

As part of the EASY A research project, employees of IHP Frankfurt/Oder have developed and built a 60 GHz wireless demonstrator. In March 2010 the first tests took place together with the VIMED 2000 telemedicine systems line on the MEYTEC premises. Real-time, high quality communication was carried out over a bidirectional 60 GHz transmission path. Through the available high band width of the transmission path, two-way applications with data throughput in a medical environment is possible. In addition a two-way 60 GHz UWB connection was tested. The results confirmed that both technologies are suitable for medical applications with the VIMED systems. The EASY A research is geared toward increasing the transmission band width and range around 60 GHz in the future. The scientific goal is to work with research institutions to find solutions which permit readily available, smooth, broad-band telemedicine applications in future wireless networks.

Research team   TELEDOC in connection with 60 GHz - Demonstrator   60 GHz - Demostrator
Research team VIMED® TELEDOC in connection with 60 GHz - Demonstrator 60 GHz - Demostrator "bidirectional"
News: Telemedicine
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GLG oncology conference expanded

Both locations of the Märkish-Oderland Hospital GmbH, in Strausberg and Wriezen, were equipped with MEYTEC telemedicine systems at the beginning of April 2010. The cooperation contract between the GLG Society for Life and Health mbH in Eberswalde and the Märkisch-Oderland GmbH stipulates cooperation in the creation of medical centers, among other things. The GLG has used telemedicine very successfully for many years in its 4 hospitals. Through the connection of the new systems on the existing telemedicine network in northeast Brandenburg, patients from the Märkisch-Oderland area can now be presented at the weekly oncology conferences and their treatment can be discussed jointly. Hence telemedicine facilitates effective cooperation between surgeons, radiation therapists, radiologists, internists and pathologists in diagnostics and treatment in all connected hospitals. Besides better quality, time saving was valued by all those involved. The expertise available in each of the individual hospitals can now benefit patients undergoing oncology treatment in rural areas. The cooperation practiced here with the help of telemedicine sets and example for all of Brandenburg.

5th Forum for family doctors and their employees

The medical board in Brandenburg, in cooperation with the medical board association Berlin-Brandenburg, hosted the 5th Forum for family doctors and their employees in Dahlewitz, south of Berlin on April 10 2010. About 160 doctors took part. MEYTEC was represented with its telemonitoring blocks VIMED TELEMONITOR and presented telemedicine applications live. Furthermore MEYTEC’s representatives showed a newly developed simple solution for the manual compilation of medical records. The forum was  exclusively for doctors in Brandenburg.

Forum for family doctors and their employees   Forum for family doctors and their employees

Saxony: palliative treatment with support from telemedicine

On 15 April 2010, a case-study seminar for doctors took place in the Academy for Palliative Medicine and Hospice Work in Dresden. In his talk the head of the neurology department at the city hospital Dresden-Neustadt, Dr. Jochen Machetanz, explained his view of palliative patients in neurology. The upshot was, that as of yet there are no tailored concepts. The chairman of the board of the organization palliaHOMEmed, Mr. Daniels, presented the concept of telemedicine support from family members, doctors and nurses to the doctors present at the forum. MEYTEC’s managing director, Eng. Gerhard W. Meyer, emphasized the technical possibilities of this technology for care of palliative patients in his talk. An intense exchange of opinions took place on this topic.

News: German Society for Telemedicine
Print News: German Society for Telemedicine

Traditional events to be under one roof in the future

Telemedicine congress In November in Berlin the first national telemedicine conference is taking place. The conference will unite for the first time the traditional events TELEMED and the telemedicine conference of DGTelemed. From 3-5 November 2010 telemedicine and computer science experts will have the chance to exchange information and experiences directly with each other under one roof. Thus at the same time the suggestions of many experts will be acted on, who previously found the two distinct events to be less than an optimal arrangement. Under the topic “Telemedicine – a successful model for modern patient care” current technologies for telemedicine, new processes and jobs as well as financial models for telemedicine will be discussed and presented. Moreover the question as to what extent modern care networks represent the start of a structural change will be discussed with large health care companies. Telemedicine and evidence as well as project presentations will round off this interesting and multi-faceted topic specturm.
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DGTelemed awards Karl Storz Telemedicine Prize 2010

The German Society for Telemedicine, in cooperation with health care organizations, companies in the health care field and other partners, awards annually and innovation prize for telemedicine, which has carried the name Karl Storz, the founder of the company KARL STORZ gmbH &Co. KG in Tuttlingen/Baden-Württemberg since 2008. This prize is intended to recognize institutions, individuals, interdisciplinary working groups or project initiatives which have distinguished themselves to a considerable degree in telemedicine and whose achievements harmonize with the goals of the DGTelemed. Medical, scientific or financial institutions, doctors, scientists, individuals, interdisciplinary groups, project teams as well as clubs and organizations can compete for the prize. The evaluations of the submissions and the decision regarding the winner(s) are undertaken by a jury made up of representatives from DGTelemed, the scientific advisory board and other figures. The prize amounts to 5,000€. The awarding of the prize occurs under exclusion of legal proceedings. The prize will be presented at the 1st national conference in Berlin on 4.11.2010
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