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Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

2011 started with a special highlight for MEYTEC. In an ambitious research project in Berlin, a new form of pre-clinical emergency care for acute stroke is being tested starting at the beginning of February. At the center of public interest in the project STEMO (Stroke-Einsatz-Mobil) is the first stroke emergency ambulance worldwide, with CT and stroke-specific infrastructure. The official start of this outstanding project led by Professor Dr. Heinrich Audebert of the Charite University Hospital in Berlin took place on February 18. Other partners in the project include the Berlin Fire Department, B.R.A.H.M.S. GmbH and MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme. The most important aspect of this new project is that diagnostics can be carried out directly in the ambulance, and treatment can begin immediately while the patient is being transported to the hospital. The project represented a huge challenge for MEYTEC employees since the system needed to be realized in a short period of time. We’re all the more pleased that our efforts were worthwhile for everyone.

As always, enjoy!

Gerhard W. Meyer

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Brandenburg Cancer Conference attracts record number of participants

The Brandenburg Cancer Conference took place for the second time in Potsdam. The organizers agree it was a success: more than 370 participants, 69 speakers and 29 exhibitors and sponsors discussed the challenges of oncology in large, rural regions. Considering demographic development which Brandenburg is also undergoing, the 2. Cancer Conference (25-26 February 2011 in Potsdam’s Hasso-Plattner Institute) was a good opportunity to discuss with experts the challenges particular to oncology in the region. The organizers were pleased with the results. „Never before has an oncological event of these dimensions taken place in Brandenburg,“ noted the chairmen of LAGO, Bernd Müller-Senftleben. The conference was organized and carried out by our partner MCALL GmbH Marketing & Vertrieb.
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Begrüßung; v.l. Prof. Dr. Meinel, Wissenschaftlicher Leiter des HPI; Bernd Müller-Senftleben, LAGO Vorstandsvorsitzender Kongressteilnehmer
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The Stroke-Emergency-Mobile (STEMO) research project enters decisive stage


The research project Stroke-Emergency-Mobile (STEMO) has reached a decisive point. After installation of biomedical, telemedical and technical components in the ambulance as well as a test run, the vehicle was presented to the Berlin Fire Department and the Charite Hospital in January 2011. The project officially started on 18.02.2011 at the Charite Hospital in Berlin with an event featuring the Berlin Senator for Internal Affairs and Sport, Dr. Ehrhart Körting; the chairman of the Charite University Hospital in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Karl-Max Einhäupl; Director of the Neurology Department, Prof. Dr. Matthias Endres; STEMO project leader, Prof. Dr. Heinrich Audebert; and the Chief of the Berlin Fire Department Wilfried Gräfling. Also present were representatives from Brandenburg: the Minister of Commerce and European Affairs, Ralf Christoffers; MEYTEC managing director Engineer Gerhard W. Meyer, Steffen Meyer and Mattes Papendieck, all MEYTEC employees involved in the project; employees of the Zukunftsagentur (Agency for the Future) of Brandenburg; and employees of the Investment Bank of Brandenburg. All participants showed great interest in the information presented regarding the research project. Numerous television and print reporters were also present. The project leader, Prof. Dr. Heinrich Audebert, explained in his presentation that on average 12 km of nerve fibers die per minute during a stroke. It is thus without a doubt essential to win the race against time, particularly in pre-clinical care. Prof. Dr. Audebert projects that the usual average time in Berlin between the emergency call and treatment start, 98 minutes, might be reduced by half with this innovation.

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STEMO - Stroke-Einsatz-Mobil
official press conference at the STEMO kickoff, Foto: Copyright Berliner Feuerwehr

In STEMO, MEYTEC implements teleradiology according to X-ray regulations

The technical realization of the research project STEMO was MEYTEC’s responsibility, and constituted a decisive part of the project. Some of the solutions were completely new and could only be developed with the help of a strong, dedicated team. The special vehicle, equipped with a mobile CT scanner, its own server-based IT and TK infrastructure for treatment documentation as well as other telemedicine technology, was presented to the Charite University Hospital and the Berlin Fire Department. The vehicle lends its name to the project and is its external symbol as well. There were other important components which made up the complete system without which this ambitious pre-clinical care concept could not be realized. For instance, a special information retrieval system had to be introduced in the Berlin Fire Department control center, so that emergencies involving possible stroke could be better identified. With the installation of comprehensive telemedicine infrastructure, it is possible to carry out CT examinations in accordance with x-ray guidelines. This is a unique point, in that the mobile x-ray unit sends the radiological images in DICOM-format to a neuroradiologist who can then make a diagnosis for the neurologist in the ambulance. The transmission network is UMTS-Mobilfunknetz.

The tight production schedule was quite a challenge for the MEYTEC engineers and technicians. The high motivation of all the employees involved was the key to success. The managing director of MEYTEC, Gerhard W. Meyer, explained: „We are very proud of the results of our joint efforts. I specially thank all the employees of our company for their dedication. I wish the doctors and assistants in the STEMO the best success. Never before has it been possible to so reduce the time to stroke diagnosis and to thus provide the patient with the best possible care. I hope that STEMO helps people.“

STEMO - Stroke-Einsatz-Mobil   STEMO - Stroke-Einsatz-Mobil   STEMO - Stroke-Einsatz-Mobil
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Medical Communication Suite VIMED® COMM 10 boasts additional functions

A newly developed software package, Medical Communication Suite, in the VIMED® COMM 10 version, expands the application possibilities of  in-patient, mobile and portable VIMED® - Telemedicine systems by MEYTEC. The Medical Communication Suite supports in particular teleneurology consults within sophisticated telemedicine networks. With the suite, users obtain improved, expanded tools available as standard or as options. Among them are newly designed and scaleable user interfaces, RDP function for access on other computers, DICOM viewer, data showing, stroke score (upgradeable on VIMED® TENEKO with server functionality), improved audio-visual communication, headset for near-field use, improved battery monitoring in battery-powered systems, recording function for consultations.
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German-Polish Innovation Forum in Frankfurt (Oder)

Deutsch-Polnisches Innovationsforum in Frankfurt (Oder)

On February 14-15, 2011, a German-Polish Innovation Forum took place in Kleistforum in Frankfurt (Oder) with the title „Innovation potential in an aging society-new products and services in the health care industry.“ The director of Research and Development at MEYTEC, Dr. Michael Schauer, gave a presentation on experiences in research from the perspective of SMBs. In addition to the many German participants, there were representatives from Polish hospitals and other health organizations. The presentation of the health industry and its possibilities on both sides of the Oder inspired a series of visions and ideas discussed in the auditorium. The gathering facilitated exchange among players in the health industry in Brandenburg and Woiwodschaft Lubuskie.
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Symposium on telemedicine and health care research

The German Medical Association, together with the Center for Stroke Research Berlin CSB and the University of Mainz, organized a symposium on 16 February 2011 in Berlin with the title „Telemedicine and Health Care Research“. The central question at the event was the influence of telemedicine processes on the health care situation in Germany. A comprehensive spectrum of telemedicine processes in health care research was presented through a wide variety of projects and their potential and risks were discussed. The symposium was very well attended. The managing director of the board of the DG Telemed, Wolfgang Loos, was represented on the concluding panel discussion led by Dr. Franz-Joseph Bartmann.
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