Issue 04-2011
Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

with the expansion of the GSM business group with the newly founded company K&M GmbH Feinblechbau & Design is the corresponding expansion of the group’s portfolio. In particular, services in the areas of telemedicine and medical technology can now become even more effective. New projects with SIE media and the broadband network now used by 80 hospitals via MEYTEC are only a couple of the highlights of the past month. Telemedicine is also currently a popular topic, as various events attended and supported by MEYTEC testify.

As always, enjoy!

Gerhard W. Meyer

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New Company joins the GSM business group

K&M GmbH Feinblechbau & Design

On April 26 2011 K&M GmbH Feinblechbau & Design, based at 16356 Weneuchen OT Seefeld, Akazienstraße 1 joined the GSM Group. The company develops, designs and produces high quality thin sheet metal products. In addition to their own products, the company plans to supply the electronics industry. K&M will also produce casings, frames and tables for MEYTEC with the focus on medical technology and telemedicine. This includes, besides design and sample production, the manufacture of accessories and custom-made products. The basis for the decision is the lengthy and successful cooperation with the master metalworks master craftsman Marcel Krüger in the area of telemedicine. He is managing director together with Steffen Meyer.

SIE media realizes complex presentation project

sie-media Präsentationstechnik

MEYTEC’s associate company, SIE-media GmbH has recently completed several interesting projects. Among them is a high-quality presentation equipment system for the water association Stavenhagen-Machin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. For the new construction of the association’s administration building, SIE-media GmbH was commissioned to provide planning and furnishing all presentation technology. The leaders of the water association chose mainly original products produced by SIE-media such as the presentation system ESPIRO for the conference rooms of the directors and the mobile presentation lectern ENVIRO. This project marks the 90th sale of ENVIRO for industrial, administrative and educational use. Furthermore, the process master display features high-quality projection technology with full HD definition, multiple image function and digital signal wiring. In the entrance area clients and visitors receive information on a 52" public display. The information contents and processes can be entered and edited with internal software.
- More information: Data sheet ENVIRO (PDF, German) | Data sheet ESPIRO (PDF, German)

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Telemedicine network VIMED® medMnet by MEYTEC: a success story

In March 2011 the 80th hospital in Germany joined the telemedicine network medMnet, which has thus acheived a significant nationwide scope. The network, conceived especially for real-time applications in telemedicine provides VPN connections for telestroke, teleradiology and other telemedicine networks. With its broadband connection of exclusive symmetrical 2 Mbit/s at the operation point of each hospital a high-quality router is used. In addition to the routing of the desired IP-connection, encryption is carried out according to current Ipsec-standards. Permanent monitoring of the VPN connection ensures quick reactions in case of disruptions or outages. Even faulty routers can be remotely activated. Hospital IT employees have given medMnet a warm welcome. Especially considering the importance of 24-hour availability, it is beneficial to be able to have centralized, full access. MEYTEC plans to further improve the quality and accessibility of medMnet.
- More information: Data sheet VIMED® medMnet (PDF, German)

2nd Conference of the model telemedicin region OWL in North Rheinland-Westphalia

2. Tagung Modellregion OWL

On May 25 2011 in Bielefeld the 2nd Conference of the model telemedicine region eastern Westphalia-Lippe will take place. The event will be carried out by the Center for Telematics in Health Management ZTG with content provided by the regional association NRW and DGTelemed. The conference will focus in part on the applications of telemedicine in acute stroke treatment. Results from the stroke network HELIOS-NEURONET will be presented by the Chief of Neurology at the HELIOS Hospital Wuppertal, Prof. Dr. Isenmann. MEYTEC’s managing director Gerhard W. Meyer will present new technology for pre-admittance treatment. Members of the regional association NRW will meet after the conference. Interested guests are welcome.
- More information: 2. Tagung Modellregion OWL

News: German Society for Telemedicine
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First telemedicine conference of the regional association Bavaria

On May 11 2011 in the county hospital Ebersberg in Bavaria, the first conference on telemedicine will take place, entitled „Telemedicine moving toward primary care?“ The conference will highlight sustainable telemedicine applications and opportunities, possibilities and perspectives for the future. Telemedicine experts will present examples of telemedicine applications in Bavaria and will indicate perspectives and formulate expectations of the German medical community. In addition telemedicine in the context of treatment research and prevention will be discussed. The conference is addressed to medical professionals from various specialties, project initiators and representatives form science, commerce and politics in Bavaria.
- More information: Veranstaltungsflyer (PDF)

1. Telemedizin Fachtagung Bayern

2nd National Telemedicine Congress 2011 once again in Berlin

The 2nd National Telemedicine congress will take place as usual at the beginning of November in Berlin. The location, following a successful congress in 2009, is once again the Ellington Hotel in Charlottenburg. After an attempt last year to combine two events, in 2011 they will once again be separate with the DGTelemed focussing exclusively on telemedicine applications and continued discussions with German medical organizations. Telemedicine applications have long enjoyed a status that ought to be discussed in the context of medical guidelines. More information will be available shortly at The traditional TELEMED 2011 will also take place in Berlin on October 20 and 21, 2011.

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