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Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

In the last months we´ve reported on new projects taking place beyond Europe´s borders. Now you can follow MEYTEC activities in China as well. Our whole team is proud to have successfully completed our TeleClinic project within only 6 weeks. The management would like to take the opportunity to thank Mattes Papendieck in particular, who led the project. In view of this rapid development with its significant, new challenges, you can enjoy a double edition of our newsletter. It includes news from May and June. The next edition will appear at the end of August.

As always, enjoy!

Gerhard W. Meyer

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Network meeting in Essen

BIOMONOn 10.05.2011 a network meeting took place in the MediClin hospital Rhein/Ruhr in Essen for partners in the Biomon network. The host was the MediClin Hospital with the neurology chief, Prof. Dr. Mario Siebler. Professor Siebler is successfully involved in various neurology specialties. The focus in Essen is the rehabilitation of patients with neurologcial diseases. Professor Siebler already uses telemedicine to cooperate with selected hospitals. MEYTEC systems are used in both the MediClin Hospital and the University of Düsseldorf hospital. Participants in the network agreed to involve more doctors to identify upcoming topics.

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First Tele-hospital opens in China

On May 12, 2011, the health minister of Saxony, Ms. Christine Clauß, officially oversaw the start of the first tele-hospital between Saxony and China in Haikou, China. In the Haikou Municipal Hospital in the province of Hainan, the first tele-clinic built and launched outside of Germany was opened. The hospital in Haikou on the island Hainan will use the new telemedicine capabilities to cooperate with interested hospitals in Germany in order to facilitate access to German medical expertise for German tourists and employees of German companies. Eventually it will also be used to increase knowledge of Chinese medicine internationally. At the ceremonial opening in Haikou, state minister Clauß emphasized, "Telemedicine is the fundamental building block for health care in the future. Modern, safe internet technology makes cooperation possible not only within regions, but also across international borders. Saxony is leading the way in this field." The opening of the Tele-clinic was followed by the Chinese and German press with great attention. The technical solutions were provided by MEYTEC.
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TeleClinic Sachsen-China   TeleClinic Sachsen-China   TeleClinic Sachsen-China

Delegation of health care management in Malaysia and Singapur

A health care management delegation led by the parlaimentary state secretary Annette Widmann-Mauz from the federal ministry for health visited Malaysia and Singapur from 05-08 of May, 2011. Medical technology companies were also represented. With Act NOW! Telehospital partners, Jürgen Sprekelmeyer (Nordwest Hospital, Frankfurt am Main) and Mattes Papendieck (MEYTEC) were part of the delegation. This was the first time the new cooperation between the two companies in a joint foreign presentation took place. Interesting talks from representatives of Malaysian hospitals were given and a continuation of the talks was agreed.

MEYTEC telemedicine systems arrive in Switzerland

A few weeks ago in Switzerland the first stationary and mobile telemedicine systems from MEYTEC were launched. After extended marketing and other research, the doctors in St. Gallen Hospital and Spital Grabs decided in favor of MEYTEC solutions. MEYTEC´s managing director for telemedicine, Mattes Papendieck said, "The Swiss physicians are quite discerning and quality-conscious. They evaluated various systems at length, and it is therefore especially noteworthy that our solutions were finally selected. The MEYTEC systems which have been installed provide much more than simple videoconferencing capabilities and thus ease the doctors´ workloads on teleconsultations considerably. It was to our advantage that our systems were developed together with medical users and have already been extensively tested. We look forward to successful cooperation with the Swiss doctors."
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MEYTEC and CHILI agree to teleradiology cooperation

MEYTEC´s managing director for telemedicine, Mattes Papendieck, and the managing director of CHILI GmbH, Peter Kayser, have signed a cooperation agreement for teleradiology. In addition to the teleradiology solutions VIMED® WEB, which MEYTEC has been producing for years, the company will extend its portfolio to include solutions from the software provider CHILI GmbH. Mattes Papendiek explained, "CHILI is one of the leading providers of teleradiology in Europe. Their special modules make new and expanded teleradiology applications possible for our clients. We will use CHILI modules in particular in international projects since they are quite efficient. We look forward to a mutually productive cooperation." The first concrete projects in which MEYTEC used CHILI Gateways were in KHNW in Frankfurt am Main and in Jerudong Park Medical Centre in Brunei. Radiological imagaes can now be exchanged and analysed between Germany and Brunei via a 42 Mbit/s connection.

2nd Symposium for the model region telemedicine OWL in North Rheinland-Westfalia

2. Tagung Modellregion OWL

On May 25, 2011 the 2nd Symposium for the model telemedicine region East Westphalia-Lippe took place in Bielefeld. This event was organized by the Center for Telematics in the public health service ZTG, and was supported in terms of content by DGTelemed. One focus of the 2nd Symposium was the use of telemedicine in acute stroke treatment. The results of the stroke network HELIOS-NEURONET were presented by the chief of neurology at the HELIOS hospital Wuppertal, Prof. Dr. Isenmann. MEYTEC´s managing director, Engineer Gerhard W. Meyer, gave a talk on the use of new telemedicine technologies for pre-clinical care. Gerhard W. Meyer also went into the new research project Stroke-Einsatz-Mobile STEMO. MEYTEC is a partner in this international research project together with the Charité Hospital in Berlin and the Berlin Fire Brigade. His talk was received with interest. Gerhard W. Meyer was able to have a variety of interesting conversations with participants during the symposium.
- More Information: Press Release - Telemedizin: sinnvoll und machbar!

3rd Dresden Stroke Day in Saxony

On May 21, 2011 the 3rd Dresden Stroke Day took place at the Maritim International Congress Center in Dresden. The leader of the telemedicine stroke network SOS-NET, Dr. Ulf Bodechtel, spoke about the development of the network in 2010. He also discussed future prospects and challenges. MEYTEC was an exhibitor and presented the teleneurology consultation documentation VIMED® TENEKO as well as the innovative research project Stroke-Einsatz-Mobil (STEMO).
- More Information: STEMO-Flyer.pdf

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Bavarian regional association of DGTelemed has conference

On May 11, 2011 the first telemedicine symposium of the Bavarian regional association of the German Society for Telemedicine took place in the Ebersberg Hospital in Bavaria. The topic was, "Telemedicine: on its way to standard care?" Interest in the conference was considerable. About 80 participants heard interesting talks on perspectives in telemedicine in Bavaria and about current telemedicine applications. The event will take place again next year, and those interested in giving talks and presentations should contact DGTelemed. The board thanks in particular Mr. Willi Daniels, the speaker of the Bavarian regional association, for his energetic support and participation in preparing this symposium. Mr. Daniels recently received the innovation prize for his idea of using telemedicine in palliative care. This award was given on 12 April 2011 as part of the FTD conference for health care management at the Bertelsmann Foundation in Berlin.
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Information on telemedicine congress on-line

2. Nationaler Fachkongress TelemedizinThe 2nd National Telemedicine Congress will take place on 3 and 4 of November, 2011 in Berlin. Experts from four medical societies will discuss the current status and development of "Telemedicine and Guideline-Based Healthcare Delivery in Germany". It has often been the case that the information needs of specialists and general practitioners must be more precisely examined in order to ensure optimal patient care. The congress will confront this discussion and contribute to improvements in the area of telemedicine. The focus of the 2nd day will be the presentation of telemedicine applications in European countries. Great distances, low population density and modern medical care present no contradictions. Norway, for example, is a thinly populated country with regions where patients live far from hospitals and nonetheless have access to competent medical care. Telemedicine has been piloted and used there since the early 90s for diagnostic support in numerous projects. This project and other examples from Sweden as well as a cross-border EU project will illustrate the potential and variety of telemedicine applications. Project presentations and contributions on the professional development of medical staff round off the varied range of topics.
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