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Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

Although this summer as a season was less than impressive, MEYTEC enjoyed a continuous flow of incoming orders in the telemedicine division. Telemedicine systems require electronic components, many of which come from Asia. In this connection the effects of the natural disaster in Japan are now being felt, since many electronic supplies come directly or indirectly from this region. The intermediate storage facilities for professional electronics are partly depleted and fresh supplies are slowly coming in. This development should be an occasion to consider returning parts of the value chain to Germany. Especially in the area of electronics, the dependency on foreign suppliers can quickly become disadvantageous for German companies if nothing is done to remedy it in the long term.

As always, enjoy!

Gerhard W. Meyer

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Traditional company celebration in Seefeld

MEYTEC´s yearly summer celebration was once again a highlight for employees and their partners and an occasion to spend a few hours together. The children in particular took advantage of the interesting sports and games, and even the adults could get moving. For the management it was mainly a chance to thank the employees and their families for their hard work and support. In his welcoming speech, Managing Director Gerhard W. Meyer mentioned the development of telemedicine which has become a main feature of MEYTEC´s activities. The increasing importance of research and development was underscored with the hiring of new staff. More rooms on the second floor of the company building were finally occupied, and this year the rest of the rooms should be ready for occupancy so that the working and living conditions for many staff members will improve. A barbecue was the culmination of the summer celebration, and guests hope for a repeat performance next year. MEYTEC celebrates its 15th birthday in 2012.

MEYTEC Firmenfeier 2011   MEYTEC Firmenfeier 2011
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Joint project in telediagnostics concludes 2nd Report symposium in 2011

In June 2011 the second annual report symposium on the telediagnostics research project took place at the Fraunhofer Society for Biomedical Technology (IBMT) in Potsdam-Golm. MEYTEC is a partner in the project with IBMT, the Leibniz Institute for innovative Microelectronics (IHP) and the Limetec company. The subproject is aimed at developing devices for bioelectronic diagnostics. By integrating and using the new biosensors and bioanalyses arising from the telediagnostic research platform, market-relevant unique selling points are expected. The newest, low-energy short range radiotechnology and the integration of efficient long range transmission technology are integrated into a hardware platform in which guaranteed data security is accounted for. It is based on medical scenarios which are highly relevant in terms of health and exceptionally significant in terms of economics. With the help of a microfluid component and ist electronic controls, important biochemical parameters of liquid samples are determined. The parameters are mathematically connected via the most modern transmission technology and sent as sound data to the evaluation center. Applications include differential diagnosis in emergency transport, screening procedures at the family doctor´s, and telemonitoring for the improvement of treatment compliance. Representing MEYTEC at the seminar were Dr. Engl. Michael Schauer and Martin Neubauer.
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Forschungsprojekt Tele-DiagnostikInvestition in Ihre Zukunft!

Technology Transfer Day in Berlin-Brandenburg

On June 22 2011 scientists, researchers and company representatives met at the Technical College in Wildau south of Berlin for the 10th Technology Transfer Day in Berlin Brandenburg. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Audebert, medical director for neurology at the Benjamin Franklin Campus at the Charité Hospital in Berlin, and Gerhard W. Meyer, Managing Director of MEYTEC jointly presented the research project Stroke-Einsatz Mobil (STEMO) as an example of a successful technology partnership between research institutes and business. In this project, science, represented by Prof. Audebert, provides the idea for carrying out diagnostics and the start of treatment in a mobile unit which drives directly to the patient. Stroke treatment is especially suited to this approach since success is most probable within a narrow time period between emergency call, diagnosis and treatment. A suitable solution was called for. STEMO shows that a mid-sized company like MEYTEC is especially capable of meeting such a challenge under time pressure. Also fundamental for success is mutual trust among the cooperating partners?the Berlin fire brigade and BRAHMS GmbH from Hennigsdorf were also involved in the STEMO project.

Technologie-Transfertag Berlin-Brandenburg   Technologie-Transfertag Berlin-Brandenburg
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Audebert, medical director of neurology, Benjamin Franklin Campus of the Charité Hospital in Berlin and Gerhard W. Meyer, Managing Director of MEYTEC speak about their research project STEMO. Photo: Ilka Lehmann

Presentation of the TELEREHAB research project in Berlin

The research project TELEREHAB was the centerpiece of the 18th Innovation Day for mid-sized Businesses which took place on June 30 2011 at the Federal Ministry for Business and Economics in Berlin. MEYTEC presented the results of their cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute IPK. Both partners developed a new training system for patients after stroke as part of the joint ZIM research and development project TELEREHAB. This system makes interactive telemedical cooperation possible between therapists at a rehab clinic and patients at home, even over great distances. Of special note is the so-called Haptik Canal, with which the movements and strength of a patient are recorded and transmitted to a therapist for evaluation. "This solution allows patients who have lost body functions to regain them with professional support even after their release from the rehab hospital. Thus a growing number of patients can achieve independence at home. It is absolutely necessary that the motor training begun in the rehab hospital continue at home. This is better achieved with the TELEREHAB system than with other comparable solutions in our opinion," said Dr. Eng. Michael Schauer, division director for research and development at MEYTEC.

Präsentation des Forschungsprojektes TELEREHAB   18. Innovationstag Mittelstand

Chinese delegation inspects STEMO in Berlin

On July 28, 2011 a Chinese delegation from the Haikou People´s Hospital visited the Berlin fire brigade´s station in Wilmersdorf to learn more about the research project STEMO. The vice president of the Haikou People´s Hospital, Dr. ShiLi Rao and the chief of radiology, Dr. Xiangjun Han were among the visitors. The project leader´s deputy, Neurologist Dr. Martin Ebinger, explained the basic functions of the mobile diagnostic and treatment unit. The Chinese guests were quite impressed with the new possibilities that STEMO offers for improving pre-hospital care. The guests said that an excellence center for stroke was planned for the hospital in Haikou. They were especially interested in possible future cooperation with the Center for Stroke Research Berlin CSB of the Charité Hospital in Berlin.

Chinesische Delegation besucht Berliner Feuerwehr   Chinesische Delegation besucht Berliner Feuerwehr
L to R, Dr. Martin Ebinger, Charité; Dr. ShiLi Rao VP Haikou People´s Hospital; Dr. Xiangjun Han, Director of Radiology; Dr. Cai Feng Director of International Relationships   Chinese guests, Mrs. Sabina Kaczmarek, research projects of the Berlin Fire Department (front, second from left) Dr. Martin Ebinger, CharitéHospital Berlin (fourth from left) and staff of Berlin Fire Department
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Incoming orders increase for MEYTEC telemedicine

In the last months and weeks MEYTEC experienced a drastic increase in incoming orders from Germany for telemedicine systems and solutions. Both the expansion of existing telemedicine networks and the development and creation of new networks contributed to this increase. More and more hospitals from various regions are joining teleneurological networks. According to Gerhard W. Meyer, Managing Director of MEYTEC, one reason is that since the beginning of 2011 when using telemedicine for acute stroke care, if certain qualitative parameters are observed, it is possible to bill health insurance companies for teleconsultations via the DIMDI-procedure catalogues. It can thus be concluded that telemedicine applications beyond research projects urgently need permanent financial incentives to become established as standard care.

Teleneurology project begins in NRW

In Paderborn/NRW a new telemedicine project for acute stroke care has started. The neurology clinic in the St. Vincenz Hospital in Paderborn with chief Dr. Postert is working with the Marien Hospital in Marsberg on stroke treatment. The technology was provided by MEYTEC. In the model region telemedicine East Westphalia-Lippe stroke treatment can now be improved in rural regions with the use of telemedicine. In Paderborn about 1000 stroke patients are treated annually.
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Technical training on telemedicine systems

For the first time in July 2011 a technical employee of the Jerudong Medical Center in Brunei visited MEYTEC. He was trained on the telemedicine systems for service and support used in Brunei. Mattes Papendieck, Managing Director for Telemedicine for MEYTEC commented, "MEYTEC´s telemedicine systems are very reliable. There has never been a direct outage in the systems. It is however absolutely necessary to have someone on site who can offer support in case of some physcial defect with the equipment." Through close cooperation at installation and start up of the systems in Brunei an intense and successful partnership has developed with the technicians in the hospitals, marked as well by mutual respect. MEYTEC works outside Germany and Switzerland with certified partners who are responsible for on-site service.

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International Cooperation

The German Society of Telemedicine (DGTelemed) and the American Telemedicine Association have agreed to a closer cooperation. A cooperation agreement, signed in March in Tampa, Florida/USA, names potential areas for cooperation as well as details for their implementation which were agreed with the signature of both boards. The establishment of a strategic alliance is planned to advance the benefits, the applications and the value of telemedicine in an effective way. The joint announcement of events and joint events should facilitate and deepend the communication between the organizations. Both groups will name a coordinator from among the board members who should supervise the cooperation in detail. For DGTelemed Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Guntram Ickenstein will take on this responsibility. Dr. Ickenstein contributed extensively to the establishment of this cooperation and signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the board of DGTelemed during his attendance at a neurology conference. An initial meeting of representatives of both boards is planned during the 2nd National Congress for Telemedicine in November in Berlin.
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