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Gerhard W. Meyer

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we are pleased to bring you our newsletter for the 2. Quarter. Summer holidays have begun in many regions and I hope that you too have a chance to recharge your batteries for the next weeks and months. For MEYTEC international activities are increasingly the focus of our business development. The centerpiece - as we’ve mentioned before - is STEMO, as well as other activities, both domestic and abroad. Today we’ll report on our successful company anniversary, participation in an important business delegation and new business contacts.

As always, enjoy!

Gerhard W. Meyer

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15 years MEYTEC - a success, thanks to determination and motivated employees

15 Jahre MEYTEC

On 16 June 2012  MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme celebrated 15 years of business on our premises in Seefeld. Employees and their families were invited. The children especially enjoyed sports and games. There were also guests who, as cooperation partners or medical users, increasingly rely on MEYTEC solutions.  The managing director, Gerhard W. Meyer, looking back on the last fifteen years, emphasized that it had not always been easy, but that the company’s development relied in the end on stability and continuity. The company’s success would not have been possible without the dedicated work of highy qualified and motivated employees. Over the last 10 years, MEYTEC had developed from a product provider, to a system integrator to a solutions provider. In the future, according to Gerhard W. Meyer, the company will increasingly focus on its role as developer, producer and provider of telemedicine and medical-technological diagnostic and treatment support systems for new medical concepts.


Jubiläumsfeier Jubiläumsfeier Jubiläumsfeier Jubiläumsfeier

MEYTEC representative part of business delegation in southeast Asia

From 25-30 April 2012, Mattes Papendieck, managing director of telemedicine for MEYTEC, joined a business delegation to southeast Asia, under the direction of Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Guido Westerwelle. The group visited Brunei, Thailand and Myanmar. In Brunei Darussalam, a cooperation agreement in the medical field covering 2012 to 2016 was signed in the presence of Dr. Westerwelle by the managing director of the Jerudong Park Medical Center and the managing director of the Nordwest Hospital in Frankfurt am Main. In 2011 MEYTEC produced an innovative neurological telemedicine network between doctors in Brunei and Germany, which is still in frequent use. Mattes Papendieck had many interesting conversations with healthcare representatives in Thailand and Myanmar.
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NeuroLogica (USA) and MEYTEC agree to cooperation in medical technology


On 20 April 2012, The NeuroLogica Corporation in Danvers, Massachusetts (USA) and MEYTEC agreed to a strategic cooperation in the area of computer tomography. The result of the agreement is that MEYTEC can immediately procure the CT-Scanner CereTom® by NeuroLogica for use in the special ambulance, STEMO. The contract allows the CT scanner integrated in STEMO to be sold worldwide. MEYTEC managing director, Gerhard W. Meyer observed: „We are pleased with the contract. It gives us the chance to market the complete STEMO solution worldwide. We’ll begin actively promoting the STEMO solution starting in summer 2012. There is already a series of international requests for this entirely new pre-clinical form of stroke care. We expect intense cooperation between NeuroLogica and MEYTEC, for our mutual benefit.“
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CereTom®, STEMOCereTom®, STEMO
Fotos: Berliner Feuerwehr

Innovation summit 2012 Berlin-Brandenburg in Potsdam

On 18.06.2012, the fifth Innovation Summit Berlin-Brandenburg took place in Potsdam in the Deutschen Geoforschungszentrum GFZ. Science, education and business representatives presented the results of the inter-regional clusters. An interesting panel discussion was held in the health industry cluster with Prof. Dr. med. Karl Max Einhäupl, chairman of the board of the Charité Medical School and Hospital Berlin, Prof. Dr. med. Heinrich Audebert, director of neurology at the Benjamin-Franklin-Campus of the Charité and Gerhard W. Meyer, managing director of  MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme, on the research project Stroke-Emergency-Mobile (STEMO).
The project is an outstanding example of the targeted cooperation between an academic research institute from Berlin and a middle-sized company from Brandenburg for the purpose of effective transformation of research results into a concrete product. The Stroke-Emergency-Mobile was placed in the entrance hall during the summit and was the focus of attention for many participants. Doctors and paramedics were on hand to answer questions.
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Report on telediagnostics research project

Forschungsprojekt Telediagnostik

On 26 April 2012 at the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical  Technology IBMT in Potsdam-Golm, a report was given on the current status of research and development activities in the telediagnostic project. The partners presented progress made on their project segments. The intense cooperation among IBMT, IHP and MEYTEC has produced a functionality sample for a computer-operated cartridge. The software developed by MEYTEC allows biochemists to work in the miniature lab inside the cartridge. In this way, the sequence of complex analytical tests can be optimized. The control system represents a significant milestone on the way to establishing new methods of laboratory diagnostics at point of care. The project partners have fulfilled the expectations of the project sponsers in this project segment. The event concluded with the certainty that completely new and innovative products from Brandenburg will find their place worldwide.

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Teleneurology Network SATELIT starts in Thuringia

Teleneurologie-Netzwerk SATELIT gestartet
Health Minister of Thuringia, Heike Taubert (2 of l.) opened the new telemedicine stroke network SATELIT
Foto: Szabo/UKJ.

On 24 April 2012, the Health Minister of Thuringia, Heike Taubert, opened the new telemedicine stroke network SATELIT at the University of Jena. Stroke experts from the neurology departments of the Altenburger Land Hospital, Helios Hospital Erfurt and the University of Jena Hospital are working with other hospitals in Thuringia to form this association. The stroke experts in the center’s interregional stroke unit connect via video communication in real time to stroke patients in acute care in the cooperating hospitals which do not have stroke units. “This telemedicine network offers expertise which can be called on directly and without time delay, since every minute counts in stroke. Timely medical intervention is necessary to save lives. Telemedicine can be an important component, since it saves time for the patient. Time, which makes possible successful treatment and ultimately a full recovery,” said the Minister.
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MEYTEC, exhibitor at the 4. Dresdner Stroke Day

MEYTEC supported the 4 Dresdener Stroke Day as an exhibitor on 19 May 2012 at the Maritim International Congress Center in Dresden. Highlights were lectures on results, interesting cases and expected changes in the teleneurology stroke network SOS-NET. The network´s director, attending physician Dr. Bodechtel, informed participants about a new project in which case managers will be used at the interface between acute care, rehab and follow-up care, to guide patients through the different steps.
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Yearbook HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg on telemedicine

At the reception of the HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg Network at ConhIT 2012 in Berlin, the organization’s 20011/12 yearbook entitled “telemedicine” was presented. MEYTEC’s managing director and vice chairman of DGTelemed, engineer Gerhard W. Meyer, gave a presentation describing the state of teleneurology from a technology provider’s point of view. The lecture was primarily based on MEYTEC’s practical experiences. The company’s telemedicine solutions, made in Berlin-Brandenburg, are used in 4 European countries and present as well in 3 southeast Asian countries. The presentation gave an overview of today’s possibilities in applying teleneurology. The focus is on tried and true solutions developed and tested with the help of doctors rather than on new “super technologies.”

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Telemedicine as EBM service

With the new GKV health care law, having taken effect 01.01.12, the future direction of health care structures has been set, so that the health industry in Germany can continue to guarantee local, quality, need-based health care to all. The goal of providing local care throughout the country can be reached by extending telemedicine services, especially in rural areas. In § 87, it has been established that the assessment committe will determine the necessary dimensions of out-patient telemedicine by 31.10.2012. This will provide the basis for the decision to be taken by 31.03.2013, as to what degree the standard assessment measure for medical services (EBM) can be adapted. The EBM was agreed by the assessment committe made up of representatives of top associations of statutory health insurance physicians (KBV).
The board of DGTelemed submitted an overview of out-patient telemedicine services to the assessment committee and recommended that such services be adopted in the EBM.

3rd National Telemedicine Congress in Berlin

3. Nationaler Fachkongress Telemedizin

The 3rd National Telemedicine Congress (25-26 October 2012, Ellington Hotel, Berlin) is set to focus on national e-health strategies in the context of a first-class conference entitled „Telemedicine 2012: new perspectives for Germany.“ Looking beyond our borders, expert discussions on national e-health strategies from France, Sweden and the USA will be included. Discussions with German medical associations, successfully begun last year, will be continued this time around. The boards of 5 associations will present their views on telemedicine and established patient care. Project presentations and open lectures on the topic „Telemedicine as a service: intelligent concepts with data exchange and resource sharing“ will complete the spectrum.
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Tele-rehabilitation with a future

Symposium Tele-Rehabilitation

On 11 April 2012, the first symposium of the DGTelemed took place at the Technology Park Frankfurt (Oder), on the topic telerehabilitation. 65 participants from Brandenburg as well as others from elsewhere in Germany discussed current topics on telemedicine applications in neuro-rehabilitation. The central topic was the basic development of telemedicine in neurology - for example telemedicine stroke networks - technical and technological possibilities and the limits of telemedicine applications. Reports on current projects were also included. The event was organized by the Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg of the DGTelemed in cooperation with IHP Frankfurt (Oder). Some lectures can be found at :

The event was supported by IHP, Brandenburg Hospital Bernau, MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme and the journal E-HEALTH-COM. The symposium kicks of a series of events on the topic of tele-rehabilitation. The goal is to follow and present a variety of research and development projects and their results.

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