Issue 07-12 2012
Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

new telemedicine networks, intensified cooperation with medical users, the start of a new international joint project and successful participation in the 3rd National Telemedicine Congress and Medica were just a few of the highlights in 2012.
On behalf of the whole MEYTEC team, I´d like to thank our business partners, clients and all those concerned for an enjoyable year. We wish you health and success in 2013.

As always, enjoy!

Gerhard W. Meyer

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Top Rating from Hoppenstedt Credit Check and D&B Deutschland

Hoppenstedt CreditCheck Top Rating
Dun & Bradstreet Deutschland

In 2012 MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme received the „Hoppenstedt CreditCheck Top Rating“ for the second time. Having fulfilled all the requirements for the best ratings in the highest category assigned by Hoppenstedt, MEYTEC was awarded a Rating Factor of 1.

Dun & Bradstreet, one of the largest service providers worldwide in the field of business information, gave MEYTEC a very good credit rating as well as high marks in credit recommendations and default risk. D&B’s ratings are particularly interesting for international clients.

DiViSy Group and MEYTEC sign partnership agreement

DiViSy GroupThe DiViSy Group, headquarter in Moscow, and MEYTEC Information Systems as well as MEYTEC Medical Systems agreed upon long term corporation at the 3rd National Congress  for Telemedicine on October 25th 2012 in Berlin. This long term corporation is based on the field of interaction between medical technology and medical information technology in hospitals. Agreement was reached that MEYTEC Information Systems, together with the DiViSy Group in Moscow, will develop and produce a new system family. Under the name VIMED® DiViSy DOR the new solution is supposed to be marketed worldwide by MEYTEC GmbH Medical Systems. Therewith, MEYTEC is entering new ground, which is aiming at the registration and processing of medical data from almost all devices and systems within the operating area and the intensive care unit as well as numerous other areas of the hospital and thus realizes its comprehensive management. CEO of MEYTEC, Gerhard W. Meyer, explains: “With these services we expand our portfolio in a new segment and aim at clinical application scenarios which were realized only by a few providers until now. Our new solutions even have unique selling propositions. We think that with VIMED® DiViSy DOR solutions, we will reach strong interests in clinical institutions.
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(left to right) Gerhard W. Meyer, CEO of MEYTEC GmbH and Dr. Vladimir Kasinov, CEO DiViSy Group
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Partnership between Magdeburg University and MEYTEC renewed

(left to right) Prof. Dr. Georg Rose, Director of the Faculty for Medical Telematics and Technology at the University of Magdeburg, and Gerhard W. Meyer, Managing Director of MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme

At the 3rd National Telemedicine Congress on 25. October 2012 in Berlin, Prof. Georg Rose, Director of the Faculty of Medical Telematics and Medical Technology at the University of Magdeburg, and Gerhard W. Meyer, Managing Director of MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme, agreed to a 3-year continuation of their partnership in the area of research and development of new telemedicine and medical technology applications. During this time, both partners want to develop new seminal products, systems and solutions together. One component of the agreement is the integration and marketing of the results of the Magdeburg research project „Telemedical Acute Stroke Care (TASC)“. Professor Rose observed: „We are pleased with our cooperation with MEZTEC thus far and hope that in the coming years we can continue to work to our mutual benefit.“ Gerhard W. Meyer, Managing Director of MEYTEC Informationssysteme added: „We are impressed by the knowledge and capabilities of the scientists in Magdeburg. This is essential for innovation in telemedicine and guarantees our success in new joint projects.
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MEYTEC exhibits for the first time at the World Stroke Congress in Brazil

From 10th to 13th October 2012, employees of MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme were in Brasilia as exhibiotrs at the World Stroke Congress. In addition to various solutions for telemedicine in stroke care in hospitals, MEYTEC presented the new pre-clinical care solution Stroke-Emergency-Mobile (STEMO), developed together with the Charitè University Hospital in Berlin and the Berlin Fire Department. In our many conversations with neurologists from all over the world, it is clear that this solution could be a possible new form of pre-clinical stroke care for industrialized nations in the future. For emerging economies with regional conurbations it is practically predestined.
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World Stroke Congress World Stroke  Congress

Stroke network in Switzerland recieves the Innovation Prize 2012

On June 19th 2012, the first telemedical stroke network in Switzerland received the Innovation Award 2012 from the state administration of the canton St. Gallen. In industrial nations such as Switzerland, stroke is one of the most common causes for death or disability in adulthood. By the use of telemedical stroke care, it is possible to make neurological expertise available also in distanced patient’s beds. This is the innovative solution of the cantonal hospital St. Gallen with a role model character throughout Switzerland, which is now awarded the Innovation Prize by the administration of the canton St. Gallen. The telemedical network was introduced in the cantonal hospital St. Gallen and Spital Grabs in February 2012. This project is the first telemedical solution for stroke care in Switzerland and received great recognition at the level of Switzerland-wide neurology. Enlargement on further hospitals is intended. The jury especially emphasized the strong commitment above hospital boundaries. The employed telemedical solution was developed and installed by MEYTEC.
source: press release from the Volksblatt Lichtenstein

MEYTEC GmbH Medical Systems and DiViSy Group at MEDICA 2012

MEYTEC GmbH Medical Systems was represented as an exhibitor at the MEDICA from November 14th to 15th 2012 for the first time. Together with the DiViSy Group from Russia, MEYTEC GmbH Medical Systems presented the new data management solution for medical technology and IT for hospitals. Main point was the integration of all medical technology devices and systems from OP- and ITS-rooms to an overall solution. At the MEDICA 2012, CEO of the DiViSy Group, Dr. Vladimir Kasinov, and of MEYTEC GmbH Medical Systems, Gerhard W. Meyer, signed a long term cooperation agreement between the two companies.
In practical implementation, all medical data (video, audio, DICOM, ultra sound, cardiac catheter, heart rate, puls, oxygen saturation etc. ) can be recorded and transmitted, streamed or saved with timestamp in real time. This initiates not only completely new application scenarios in medicine and telemedicine but also in research as well as in training and further education. This new technology can be implemented nationally and also across national borders. The new solution is produced in Germany under the name VIMED® DIVISY DOR by MEYTEC Information Systems. Responsible for the worldwide marketing is MEYTEC Medical Systems. All staff members were extremely pleased about the numerous new contacts and discussions with interested parties, clients and partners.
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Medica 2012 Medica 2012 Medica 2012
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Successful Telemedicine Congress with participation record

The 3rd National Congress for Telemedicine has ended successfully at the end of October 2012. Operators and organizers are pleased about the positive resonance that was found among participants, exhibitors, and sponsors at the congress. More than 280 participants from 14 states, USA, Italy, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, Great Britain and France, 16 companies as exhibitors and 9 sponsors have visited and enthusiastically supported the congress. Thrilling topics and discussions, knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences and good access to networking were guaranteed on both days of the congress.
To ensure such success also at the 4th National Congress for Telemedicine in 2013, the preparations have already begun. The next congress will take place on the 7rd and 8rd of November 2013 at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin.
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4. Nationaler Fachkongress Telemedizin

Telemedicine and medical guide lines

3. Nationaler Fachkongress Telemedizin

The 3rd National Congress for Telemedicine (Oct. 25th-26th 2012) renewedly engaged with the issue if telemedical application is fully developed enough for the inclusion in medical guide lines. Thereby the dialogue with representatives of medical societies, which had begun in the previous year, continued. Directors of five scientific societies represented their prospects of telemedicine and guideline-based patient care as well was their own reflections about the topic. Repeatedly the dialogue showed, that telemedicine - apart from some exceptions - is not illustrated in medical guidelines yet. However, it was apparent that the attending societies, although to different degrees, were discussing the theme of telemedical application very intensively in their special fields. By this dialogue with directors of medical societies, the DGTelemed aims to contribute to the goal of the telemedicine to increasingly become a part of the modern medicine industry. The more than 280 participants derived benefits from both days of the congress for intensive exchange of experiences with numerous new contacts.

Telemedicine - an issue at the 7th IT Summit of the Federal Government

The 7th IT Summit of the Federal Government in Essen also has dealt with eHealth and Telemedicine. Federal health minister Daniel Bahr said: “Telemedicine can help to improve patient care. Proper applications also have to available extensively. With the eHealth-initiative we have created a structure which enables all participants to overcome obstacles of the telemedicine implementation in everyday life. Especially patients benefit from this in their health care.”
The Federal Health Ministry’s eHealth-initiative has been dealing with a variety of research topics for some time. The aim is to identify existing obstacles, reduce those with targeted measures and hence introduce telemedicine sooner into practice. To this end, the eHealth-initiative has e.g. generated a criteria catalogue, which is supposed to make it possible to include the relevant criteria in the extensive application and cost assumption planning during the development of telemedical projects already.

The eHealth-initiative, founded by the Federal Ministry of Health, is borne by the central organisations of self-government at federal level, the German Society for Telemedicine, the Federal Association for health-IT, the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, Atos Germany, the Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry as well as Fraunhofer.
Sourse: E-HEALTH-COM - News, Federal Ministry of Health, Press Office

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