Issue 07-12 2013
Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

During the second half of 2013 there are several new telemedical networks and solutions in Germany established using MEYTEC technology. The integration of additional medical devices has enabled new telemedicine concepts to develop and existing telemedicine solutions to expand.
As the mobile application of telemedicine increases, MEYTEC has created special mobile data rates for our applications in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom AG. Under the slogan "Leading through innovation" MEYTEC has improved its efforts in the research and development of new and exciting telemedical, medical and biomedical systems, solutions and supply concepts. For example, the Berlin-Brandenburg research project "Telediagnostics in the Emergency Service (de. TeDiR)", where MEYTEC is a leading project partner. Please see our updated website for MEYTEC Medizinsysteme for more information.

The MEYTEC executive board thanks all employees for their continued commitment and dedication in 2013. We are also grateful to our business and project partners for their confidence and respectful cooperation at all times. We wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As always, enjoy!

Gerhard W. Meyer

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MEYTEC Medizinsysteme updates homepage

Since November 2013 MEYTEC has an updated internet homepage under It provides a clear insight into MEYTEC´s portfolio in telemedicine, medicine technology and networking. In addition to existing products and projects there are new products, systems, solutions and services utilizing a modern design approach. Please visit us:

MEYTEC Medizinsysteme has been selected as a member of the Initiative German Healthcare Partnership (GHP)

Since September 2013 MEYTEC has been selected as a member of the prestigious BDI / BMZ - initiative German Healthcare Partnership (GHP), the joint initiative of the Federation Association of German Industries and the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The range of telemedicine products, systems and services by MEYTEC are of particular interest to developing and newly industrialized countries (NICs). MEYTEC?s membership compliments the GHP portfolio of the medical providers from Germany in the field of telemedicine, poised to increase its importance in the future. The selection of MEYTEC by the steering committee was unanimous.
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MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme offers telemedicine data cards

In July 2013, the Deutsche Telekom AG and MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme agree to cooperate on the providing of unique data rates for users of their telemedicine applications. The data cards named medMnet-datmobil adopted for the real-time communication in medicine are available now from MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme. Using Deutsche Telekom AG´s nationwide coverage acknowledged as the mobile network in Germany, customers can choose between two LTE-rates and two HSPA-rates with defined data volumes. One benefit of this solution is the elimination of the unwanted reduction of bandwidth, when to user has reached their data limit. When using the medMnet-datmobil data packages additional data is automatically added to avoid any compromise to the emergency applications in use.
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STEMO presented on a research video portal

In December 2013, the "Journal of Visualized Experiments" (JoVE ),published a video report about the latest results of the PHANTOM-S study. The report outlines the clear advantages of the new pre-hospital supply concept for the near-patient acute stroke care by the Stroke Emergency Mobile Unit (STEMO). Highlight of STEMO: The patient can be examined in the emergency vehicle locally. In addition to the diagnostics procedures, therapy can be started in STEMO, after exclusion of the contraindications. The scientific studies show that every quarter of an hour of the saved time between the stroke event and the start of the lysis therapy can lead to a better outcome.

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Research project "Telediagnostics in the Emergency Service (dt. TEDIR)"

The research project from Berlin-Brandenburg "Telediagnostics in the Emergency Service (dt. TeDiR)" started in June 2013. The project partners are, on the Berlin side: the Center for Stroke Research CSB of the Charité University Medical Department, the Berlin Fire Department on the Brandenburg side: the Hospital Frankfurt (Oder), Ambulance Service Märkisch-Oderland and MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme. The research project should enable the developing of new telemedicine applications through the provision and integration of the latest technologies in the special rescue vehicles and ambulances. MEYTEC plays the role of the technology partner. It will be responsible for the overall technical solution in the project.

The medical part of the research project involves the telemedical support of the treatment procedures to the acute patients in emergency vehicles. The capacities of the telemedical support of the paramedics by the emergency doctors are to be examined, especially in rural regions, whether telemedicine can play a more important role for medical care in the future.

New software for teleneurological documentation is available now

After two years of development and evaluation provided by MEYTEC in collaboration with the team of the teleneurological network TEMPiS, the version 1.0 of the new software for teleneurological documentation VIMED® TENEDOC is now available.
In addition to the safe and fast documentation of the telemedical examination of patients with suspected stroke or other neurological disorders, the new software specifically fulfills the requirements of Standard Operating Procedure, (SOP). This software is particularly suited to the requirements of the quality of care in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases. VIMED® TENEDOC meets the professional quality index for certification of telestroke units
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VIMED® TENEDOC Screenshots

Telemedicine project PrioLTE completed successfully

The evaluation project PrioLTE performed in Berlin from mid- 2012 to mid- 2013 has been completed successfully. The project partners were the Charité University Medical Department in Berlin, the Deutsche Telekom AG and MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme. A special mobile transmission technology based on the new mobile radio standard Long Term Evolution (LTE) was installed in the Stroke Emergency Unit (STEMO) and tested under pre-hospital conditions in the project. LTE makes available higher bandwidths and lower latency times. The existing mobile telemedicine applications can be used with new real-time features. The evaluation has shown that the use of the LTE technology enables significant improvements in the quality and availability of telemedicine real-time applications for mobile use.

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New video-naso-endoscope VIMED® TELENDO is available now


In cooperation with the company Schölly Fiberoptic GmbH, MEYTEC Medizinsysteme provides Video-Naso-Pharyngoscope for neurological swallowing diagnostics called VIMED® TELENDO. The video endoscope fulfils all certifications requirements related to the medical devices. The endoscope can be obtained as a pure case version, as well as, as a complete system with the medical equipment cart VIMED® MED-CART. The lab-in-chip technology ensures the endoscope is up to date technologically. In connection with the software VIMED® MEDIA WORK STATION the medical reporting, storage and data transfer to the local PACS are possible.
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MEYTEC Medizinsysteme is a premium sponsor and exhibitor at the convention

MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme was an exhibitor at the 4th National Telemedicine Congress that took place in Berlin on 07th and 0th November 2013. The company presented new telemedical and medical applications. The presentation of the telemedicine portal VIMED® TEKONET was particularly interesting. The telemedicine platform has been developed in collaboration with physicians, ensuring that the user interface is simple and intuitive.

At the congress, the managing director Gerhard W. Meyer and Mattes Papendieck, as well as, the other MEYTEC staff enjoyed many interesting conversations with users of telemedicine and interested persons.

MEYTEC Medizinsysteme  als Premium Sponsor und Aussteller auf dem Fachkongress Telemedizin MEYTEC Medizinsysteme als Premium Sponsor und Aussteller auf dem Fachkongress Telemedizin

National Telemedicine Congress 2013 was a great success

The 4th National Telemedicine Congress - at the same time the 8th Congress of the German Society for Telemedicine (dt. DGTelemed e. V.) - took place on 07th and 08th November 2013 in Berlin. The national and international interest in this conference increases from year to year. It should be noted, this is the most important congress in Germany, for the application of telemedicine solutions and services. In addition to the technical and substantive issues, the funding issues of telemedicine are high on the agenda, not least, because they are essential for the sustainability of telemedicine projects. The DGTelemed e. V. provides on the one hand the inclusion of medical societies and on the other hand policy actors and representatives of the health insurances. It is still a some way off the implementation of telemedicine in practice, but there is positive trend already visible.
The managing director of MEYTEC, Gerhard W. Meyer is one of the founding members of this society. The founder members of the DGTelemed once again voted him back onto the board.

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MEYTEC Medizinsysteme  als Premium Sponsor und Aussteller auf dem Fachkongress Telemedizin MEYTEC Medizinsysteme als Premium Sponsor und Aussteller auf dem Fachkongress Telemedizin
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