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Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

MEYTEC continued to develop our business in a positive way throughout 2014, increasing our turnover from 2013. This growth was acknowledged by Europe’s largest supplier of business information, Bisnode AB, certifying the fiscal stability rating of our company as index 1.
MEYTEC’s technology was utilized and deployed as part of new and expanded telemedicine stroke networks. NEVAS new telemedicine stroke network in Bavaria is but one success story.

The managing directors Gerhard W. Meyer and Steffen Meyer as well as the whole MEYTEC staff thank all our customers, partners and suppliers for your cooperation in the year 2014. We hope that you had an enjoyable Christmas and wish you all Happy and Healthy New Year.

As always, enjoy reading!

Gerhard W. Meyer

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MEYTEC supports professorship foundation in the University of Potsdam

MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme, the University of Potsdam and the IHP GmbH Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics / Leibnitz- Institute for innovative Microelectronic from Frankfurt (Oder) agreed a long-term collaboration in F&E. MEYTEC company supports an important part of the new established professorship foundation named “Zuverlässige und energieeffiziente Sensornetze” as a part of collaboration for many years. “The MEYTEC company as developer and manufacturer of telemedicine systems is interested to produce and to provide the newest sensor network - technologies in Brandenburg. The use of such technologies should bring clear benefits on all users and manufacturers. We therefore support sustainable and result-oriented research in this area”, explained Gerhard W. Meyer, CEO of MEYTEC company in November.

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BMBF research project BeMobil started

As a part of the national competition procedures, provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) the research consortium from Berlin and Brandenburg received an award for the project named BeMobil. In the field ‘man-machine interaction’ there should be developed new technological supported systems for the rehabilitation of patients with a handicap. Apart from the partners: Technische Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität Berlin and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Construction Engineering IPK in Berlin the partners of the consortium are Charité University School of Medicine Berlin, Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin and the Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Bernau. MEYTEC as SMU-partner, will participate on the three large sub-projects and important cross-section projects.
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The first „Stroke Ambulance“ operates in Norway

Norwegian Air Ambulance deployed the first „Stroke Ambulance“ equipped with the MEYTEC technologies in Fredrikstad, Norway in October 2014. On board of the emergency vehicle are a CT-scanner as well as laboratory equipment. The ambulance and hospitals in Friedrikstad are connected telemedically via the bundling of several data channels from diverse mobile phone network operators. To transmit the CT-images effective compression technology for DICOM data provided by MEYTEC reducing the transmission time from the CT head scanner by at least 50 percent. The new system for audio and video communication operating in the vehicle was developed in the research project into emergency medicine, Telediagnostic (TeDiR) that allows the emergency team personnel to speak freely with the remote medical experts. The neurologist from the remote stroke unit can communicate with patients directly. The integrated system for video communication in real time between the ambulance vehicle and the stroke unit, allows for panning and/or tilting of the movable video camera for the better remote examination of the patient. If necessary, the medical specialist from the remote hospital can switch to the second head camera with optical zoom.

Stroke Ambulance   Stroke Ambulance
Photos: Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation

MEYTEC received new orders for telemedicine networks


In the recent months MEYTEC received new orders for conception, realization and extension of the established telemedicine networks. The new telemedicine stroke network from the region Bavaria was equipped with MEYTEC technologies is “Neurovaskuläres Versorgungsnetzwerk Südwestbayern (NEVAS)”. In the peripheral hospitals the telemedical system used is VIMED® TELEDOC HD++. This system is characterized especially by the possible supporting of the high video resolution of Full-HD with 60 frames / sec where sufficient bandwidth exists.
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MEYTEC presents the new VIMED® DOC


A new stationary telemedicine system VIMED® DOC 3 will be available at the beginning of 2015. The important part is the newly created PC-System VIMED® MPC, which is designed for continuous operation, demonstrating a high level of stability and reliability. A special modification of the system is VIMED® TELECLINIC. VIMED® TELECLINIC is the telemedicine solution with a web-based telemedicine platform for medical communication at national and international level. The teleradiology solution, as well as the multi-control-unit, can be integrated optionally. Several areas of telemedicine can be covered with the system. The use by international patient tourism is already in good demand. The medical centers of the big cities could be used as a central contact point for the first contact with patient concerned before they go abroad to an international target hospital. The provision of collected data is based on the high security standards. The first international orders are already delivered.

The Federal Minister of Health visits SOS-NET

The telemedicine stroke-network “Schlaganfall-Ostsachsen-Netzwerk (SOS-NET)” connects the “Dresdner Universitäts-Schlaganfall-Centrum (DUSC)“ with 18 regional partner-hospitals in Saxony to secure a complete and high-quality care of stroke patients in the region East-Saxony. All hospitals participating in the telemedicine network SOS-NET can fall back on the competences of the stroke-experts from DUSC. The neurological specialists from the university hospital in Dresden are available 24/7. The Federal Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe followed the treatment process of the stroke-patient by Prof. Dr. Heinz Reichmann and Dr. Ulf Bodechtel in real-time via live-video connection. Additionally to the regional stroke-centers of Arnsdorf, Görlitz and Meißen in the SOS-network connect to the Weißeritztal hospitals in Dippoldiswalde and Freital, the Elbland hospitals in Riesa and Radebeul, the hospitals in Sebnitz, Ebersbach, Zittau, Pirna, Bautzen, Bischofswerda, Radeberg, Kamenz, Weißwasser and Niesky, as well as the St. Joseph-Stift Dresden. In 2011 the SOS-Network was already the part of the national IT-Summit in Dresden. The Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel supports the pioneering model of health care.
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Photo: UKD

Telemedicine helps to build bridges

The second edition of the telemedicine congress in October 2014 in Bad Kissingen was a success. About 150 participants from the whole German speaking area came to Bad Kissingen to experience a substantial, interesting and high quality conference. The organizers; in addition to the Center for Telemedicine Bad Kissingen (ZIM), is the Bavarian representation of the German Society for Telemedicine this year, gave a positive summary of the congress. The Congress gave an opportunity for delegates to gain insight, network and develop business relationships. The diversity of topics around telemedicine provided lively discussions between participants, guests and speakers. The congress showed, that the networking of medical competence centers with small hospitals and medical practitioners enables special knowledge to reach allover Germany e.g. reaching remote areas as well as eliminating sector borders through telemedicine. Gerhard W. Meyer, CEO MEYTEC, gave a lecture about “Stroke Emergency Mobile (STEMO) – better supply of stroke through reducing time”. MEYTEC GmbH was also an exhibitor on the congress.

MEYTEC auf dem 2. Telemedizinkongresses Bad Kissingen   MEYTEC auf dem 2. Telemedizinkongresses Bad Kissingen

Telemedicine bridge KHNW - Brunei

Telemedizinbrücke KHNW-Brunei

MEYTEC presented, along with the medical director and the head of physicians in the hospital for neurology in the hospital Nordwest in Frankfurt am Main, Mrs. Prof. Dr. Meyding-Lamadé the telemedicine bridge KHNW – Brunei an the 1st eHealth congress “Networked health in Rhein-Main and Hessen” in Darmstadt (17th October, 2014). The telemedical collaboration between the Sultanate of Brunei and Germany is based on bilateral agreements and it is an example of the export initiative of the Nordwest hospital and MEYTEC. Utilising two-way exchanges of medical personnel from KHNW and the Brunei Neuroscience Stroke and Rehabilitation Center (Jerudong ) daily teleconsultations take place to support diagnostics between Frankfurt and Brunei. In 2015 there is planned the first German-Bruneian research projects.

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The 5th National Congress for Telemedicine 2014 in Berlin

MEYTEC participated in the 5th National Congress for Telemedicine (06th -07th November 2014) in Berlin as both a premium sponsor and exhibitor. MEYTEC welcomed significant interest from new and existing customers in their telemedicine systems and solutions. MEYTEC CEO, Gerhard W. Meyer estimated that the congress, organized by the German Society of Telemedicine, has achieved nationwide attention and in its 9th year has become an integral part of the telemedicine scene. In addition it has changed the point of view of many medical specialists, because they have recognized the growing application range. We are already looking for the next congress 2015, when the DGTelemed society will celebrate the 10th anniversary.

MEYTEC auf dem 5. Nationalen Fachkongress Telemedizin   MEYTEC auf dem 5. Nationalen Fachkongress Telemedizin
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