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Gerhard W. Meyer

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MEYTEC’s, focus in 2015 was the participation at special medicine congresses and conferences in Germany and Europe.
MEYTEC participated at special conferences in Glasgow, Vienna and Florence and took part for the first time at the Italian ISO-conference presenting a report about the recent results of the research project PHANTOM-S. A special highlight of the year was the presentation of the Stroke-Emergency-Mobile (STEMO) in July 2015 at the Capital City Congress for Medicine and Health in Berlin.
MEYTEC has expanded its cooperation with European partners in the development of new medical solutions and supply concepts. Once such cooperation is with Medfield Diagnostics AB (Sweden) signed in May 2015, regarding the implementation and testing of new microwave technologies for the prehospital stroke diagnostics.

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MEYTEC and Medfield Diagnostics (Sweden) agree close cooperation

Medfield Diagnostics

In May 2015 MEYTEC Informationssysteme and Medfield Diagnostics AB agreed in Gothenburg a close and long-term cooperation on the development, production and marketing of the completely new medical device named “Strokefinder”. The system is based on microwave technology enabling clinicians to distinguish between the different types of stroke through evaluation of the reflexions from the brain tissue. In the future the device can be implemented into the special ambulance vehicle equipped with telemedicine. Although more research studies are necessary before the product is released into the health care market, we are encouraged by the initial progress and there real interest for this technology is already. Gerhard W. Meyer, founder of MEYTEC: “We are delighted with the close collaboration and partnership established with Medfield Diagnostics. The new technology developed by the former Ericsson engineers, can be ideally supplemented by our telemedicine solutions, especially in the prehospital phase where there is potential for significant benefit to the patient.
- More information: Press Release: Medfield Diagnostics AB and German MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme sign cooperation agreement

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Stroke-Emergency-Mobile (STEMO) at the Capital City Congress for Medicine and Health in Berlin

The Stroke-Emergency-Mobile (STEMO) was presented as a highlight at the Capital City Congress for Medicine and Health in Berlin 2015 from the 10th -12th July. Every visitor had the possibility to question the representatives from University Medicine Charité Berlin, Berlin Fire Department and MEYTEC.
The special emergency unit was back in action weeks after a crash on the city high way had kept it off the road for repairs.. Although the driver’s cab was damaged beyond repair, needing to be replaced, none of the crew was seriously injured. All of the medical and telemedical equipment housed in the main cabin unit survived the accident’s effects. The special CT-fixing developed by MEYTEC nullified the crash impact safely securing the heavy and very sensitive medical device.
Gerhard W. Meyer, founder of MEYTEC said: “The crash shows the value and necessity of the patent protected MEYTEC-CT-fixing unit. This is just reward for our investment in research and product development”.
Among the interested visitors on the STEMO-stand was Federal Minister of Health, Mr. Hermann Gröhe, Senator of Health Affairs of Berlin, Mario Czaja and the director of the accident hospital Berlin (UKB) Prof. Axel Ekkernkamp.
- More information:

Stroke-Einsatz-Mobil (STEMO) auf dem Hauptstadtkongress
Stroke-Emergency-Mobile (STEMO) at the Capital City Congress for Medicine and Health
Photo: WISO/Schmidt-Dominé
  Stroke-Einsatz-Mobil (STEMO) auf dem Hauptstadtkongress

MEYTEC equipped the new telemedicine network TRANSIT-stroke in Bavaria

In the press release from January 2015 the state minister of Bavaria Melanie Huml announced, that the comprehensive supply of stroke should be achieved with the start of the new telemedicine network named TRANSIT Stroke in the Bavarian region Niederfranken. MEYTEC has awarded the contract for the equipment of the telemedicine network. The network has all the necessary infrastructure and is equipped with the required telemedicine systems for use in a stationary or mobile scenario and is already in operation. Additional to the centers in Würzburg, Schweinfurt, Bad Neustadt and Aschaffenburg are partners of the network which includes 6 peripheral hospitals. Parallel to the acute care of stroke, the telemedicine network will be adapted for the research into the secondary prevention techniques for stroke.

MEYTEC delivers new telemedicine platform TELECLINIC to Russia

In January 2015 MEYTEC delivered a new telemedicine platform TELECLINIC to Russia. It was deployed after its official opening on the 22th January 2015 in the district hospital in Irkutsk. In addition to the collaboration with the physicians from Europa and Asia the project partner plans a close cooperation with their colleges in Russia. A commissioned physician located outside of Russia can examine the digitalized medical data of the patient in Russia Thus allowing the commissioned physician to coordinate the possible therapy steps with their Russian colleagues. To perform this task MEYTEC provided the hospital with a special web-based telemedicine platform. The main goal is to avoid unnecessary patient tourism. The telemedicine platform TELECLINIC can be adopted for different medical indications. The first concrete cases were in the field of oncology between specialists from Irkutsk (Russia) and Germany. Meanwhile, patients in Russia with individual clinical symptoms can be examined virtually by German specialists to decide if treatment is required in Germany.
- More information: Video report by Irkutsk News on YouTube

TELECLINIC für Irkutsk
  TELECLINIC für Irkutsk

MEYTEC first performance on the ISO-Stroke conference 2015 in Italy


MEYTEC exhibited at the annual Italian Stroke Organization (ISO) in Florence from 18th - 20th February 2015. MEYTEC’s Dr. Michael Böttcher head of MEYTEC’s medicine technology department, reported the results of the latest PHANTOM-S trial with Stroke-Emergency-Mobile (STEMO). Furthermore, there were many who were interested in the new solution for telerehabilitation, VIMED® TELEREHAB promoted at international level for the first time as well as telemedicine supported stroke care solutions for rural regions.
- More information: VIMED® TELEREHAB Info sheet

2000th teleconsultation with the stroke network NEVAS

On the 4th of May 2015 the 2000th teleconsultation was performed in the Bavarian stroke network NEVAS, part of the regions comprehensive, high-quality stroke solution. The telemedicine network NEVAS is equipped with VIMED® DOC-BASIC HD and mobile workstation VIMED® MOBILE 3 for telemedicine centers in Munich-Großhadern, Ingolstadt and Günzburg as well as with mobile telemedicine carts VIMED® TELEDOC HD for 14 peripheral hospitals.
In the presence of the invited guests the teleconsultation was performed via a live-stream between Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The technical staff of MEYTEC had installed a temporary workstation in the conference room, so that the NEVAS-director Dr. Adamczyk could successfully perform and complete the 2000th teleconsultation with Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
- More Information: VIMED® Telemedicine Systems

Brandenburg: ZNA-symposium in Frankfurt (Oder) with Teleambulance


The annual ZNA-symposium “a kettle of colours...“ (*by analogy with the former DDR TV-show) took place on the 15th March 2015 in the hospital of Frankfurt (Oder). Together with the rescue service team Frankfurt (Oder) and the head physician Dr. Wilke, MEYTEC introduced the new ‘Teleambulance’ platform. Utilizing a conventional emergency vehicle equipped with telemedicine. The focus is video communication between a remote hospital and the emergency vehicle by using 4G-technology. MEYTEC offers specific data rates without internet speed reduction on the basis of the 4G-network from Deutsche Telekom.
To demonstrate the possible functionality of the platform, a live video connection between the emergency vehicle showing a pseudo-patient and a clinician at the medical center was established. The emergency vehicle has a built-in blood diagnostics machine for analysis of 18 blood parameters. After the measurement procedure the data can be transferred via telemedicine connection to the central emergency ward (CEW) of the hospital. The managing director of MEYTEC, Mr. Steffen Meyer explained more details about the functionality of the ‘Teleambulance’. Outling that the deployment of the special emergency vehicle, equipped with telemedicine, is a high-quality telemedical first, allowing remote doctors to examine and diagnose patients on board, before ensuring the patient is transferred to the nearest appropriate hospital emergency department. Furthermore in advance of the patient’s arrival, the hospital team can receive up to date information about their medical condition.

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