Issue 07-12 2015
Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

MEYTEC attained level 1 certification for fiscal stability from BISNODE. From an economic perspective 2015 was a successful year.
I would like to highlight for special mention a number of significant business developments. Firstly, there was the commissioning of a Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU), at the University Hospital in Saarland. Secondly on the international stage MEYTEC installed the first TELECLINIC solution in Russia, (see release from 01-06-2015). Lastly, MEYTEC successfully implemented the Victorian Stroke Telemedicine (VST) program in Australia.
Furthermore there is a large interest from different parties to perform research and develop projects with MEYTEC as a partner.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, partners and suppliers for your support and cooperation in 2015 and wish you all the best for the New Year.

As always, enjoy reading!

Gerhard W. Meyer

News: Telemedicine and Medical Technology
Print News: Telemedicine and Medical Technology

New Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) in Saarland in operation

Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) im  Saarland
Photo: - Prof. Dr. med. K. Fassbender

The Hospital for Neurology, University Hospital in Homburg (Saarland) has deployed a new Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) in March 2015, equipped with mobile CT and telemedicine technology. In addition to the CT-scanner the MSU is also equipped with the latest laboratory devices. The bundling of several data channels from multiple mobile phone network operators ensures the telemedicine network works efficiently. The head physician of the neurology department, Prof. Dr. Faßbender had already developed in 2003, a new health care concept for the prehospital stroke care on board a specially equipped MSU. The current model is based on the experiences of the first Mobile Stroke Unit. Furthermore, there are neurological diagnostics that can be performed by an experienced neurologist on the patient in the MSU, at the scene. After the exclusion of several contraindicators, using cross section assessment of CT-images, where appropriate thrombolysis therapy can be administered on board of the Mobile Stroke Unit. The affected persons benefit especially from the significant time reduction from alarm to needle times and have a better chance of a positive outcome.
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Australian Telemedicine Network chooses MEYTEC

Australisches Telemedizinnetzwerk

MEYTEC took part in a competitive submission for the telestroke pilot project in the Australian federal state Victoria. MEYTEC were awarded the contract to implement a state-wide telemedicine network in phases starting in 2015. Phase 1 of the VICTORIAN STROKE TELEMEDICINE (VST) officially went live in March 2015.

MEYTEC’s CEO Gerhard W. Meyer explained: “VST is one of the largest telemedicine networks implemented by our company worldwide, to date. We are very proud of our staff in the way they have accepted and mastered this challenge. This project requires significant professional skills and experience to equip and implement such a network. MEYTEC’s understanding of the medical steps and the supply chain, are key to supporting this telemedicine network. A geographical distance of about 16.000 km and significant time differences between Germany and Victoria, Australia are the main challenges of the project. This success story also reflects the ability of MEYTEC from the federal state of Brandenburg (Germany) to compete in the international arena.

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Successful start of the “Neuro-Netz Mitte” network in Hessen

Neuro-Netz Mitte in Hessen
Cooperation sealed – partners of the Neuro-Netz Mitte network after concluding the agreement (from left): Karsten Honsel, CEO GNH, Gerhard M. Meyer, Meytec, Svenja Ehlers, commercial management hospital Kassel, Bernd Tilenius, director of the hospital Bad Arolsen and of the regional hospitals Kassel, Ralf Schulz, director of the regional hospital Frankenberg, Prof. Dr. Andreas Ferbert, director clinic for neurology in the hospital Kassel, Andreas Karras, Chief physician for Internal medicine in the hospital Bad Arolsen, Dr. Dirk M. Fellermann, regional general manager Asklepios Nordhessen, Dr. Arved-Winfried Schneider, Chief physician of the medical clinic in the city hospital Korbach and Christian Jostes, CEO Stadtkrankenhaus Korbach and St. Franziskus-Hospital Winterberg.

In September 2015 the “Neuro-Netz Mitte” telestroke network in Hessen was deployed. MEYTEC equipped the network with stationary, mobile and portable telemedicine systems. The implemented telemedicine solution networked 8 hospitals: Kassel, Korbach, St. Franziskus in Winterberg, the Asklepios hospitals in Bad Wildungen and Schwalmstadt, the hospital Frankenberg as well as the regional hospitals of Wolfhagen and Bad Arolsen. The Neuro-Netz Mitte network strives to improve the medical care of each and every stroke patient in the rural regions in what will be a win-win situation. Thanks to the implemented telemedicine solution by MEYTEC the high professional neurological skills are available 24/7 for affected patients in the region. Every telemedicine service is performed by specially trained specialists, who meet regularly. The teleneurological services are an important for the future element of the healthcare quality.
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The 3rd Telemedicine Congress in Bad Kissingen (Bavaria)

The 3rd Telemedicine Congress entitled “Day-to-day provision and/or low sustainability” took place in Bad Kissingen. In the middle of discussions there was the draft bill of the new “E-Health act”. The federal government proposed their interest in establishing a secure communication, as well as, open dialogue to support several telemedicine solutions for the medical service providers. It is believed that undersupplied areas should benefit from the cross-sectorial collaboration of the physicians via telemedicine.

For the first time MEYTEC presented a new telemedicine solution for the rehabilitation of the upper limb in the home environment, VIMED® TELEREHAB. This enables affected patients to perform selected therapeutic exercises under control of the remote located therapist via telemedicine, without the need to leave their own home. VIMED® TELEREHAB implements a pool of evidence-based therapeutic exercises based around “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs).
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MEYTEC auf dem 3. Bad Kissinger Telemedizinkongress   MEYTEC auf dem 3. Bad Kissinger Telemedizinkongress
MEYTEC stand on the 3rd Telemedicine Congress in Bad Kissingen
Photo: Center for Telemedicine Bad Kissingen (ZTM)

Telemedicine Symposium in Baden-Württemberg

The coordination office of telemedicine in Baden-Württemberg, VDE e.V. arranged the first symposium with the title “Telemedicine – Digitalization in the Health Care” in the congress rooms of the Robert-Bosch hospital in Stuttgart. This symposium gave an overview about the available skills, possibilities and opportunities for telemedicine in Baden-Württemberg.
Within the scope of the symposium there was also, organized parallel to the main sessions, a best-practice forum. Interested participants of the industry exhibition got the chance to present their own experiences and proven ideas from the praxis and to discuss them with the interested guests. MEYTEC took part on the industry exhibition. The representative of MEYTEC presented a description of the successful way to deliver an effective telemedicine supported stroke care in structurally disadvantaged areas through the example of the reference project “TEMPiS” in the South-East Bavaria.
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MEYTEC auf dem Telemedizin-Symposium   MEYTEC auf dem Telemedizin-Symposium
MEYTEC stand on the Telemedicine Symposium - Digitalization in the Health Care
Photo: VDE e.V.

The 2nd eHealth Congress in Hessen

For the second time now, the Hessian Initiative “Gesundheitswirtschaft Rhein-Main e.V.” has organized the eHealth-Congress on 09 October 2015 in Darmstadt. The congress constitutes a platform for the communication of the numerous physicians, hospitals, cost units and politicians, as well as, enterprises and service providers of the healthcare industry. This year is the networked digital health care in the region Rhein-Main supported by scientific sessions and a parallel industry exhibition. The topics such “eHealth” and “Telemedicine” are increasingly recognized in Hessen. Mrs. Katja Leikert, Member of the German Bundestag, the Health Committee and speaker for CDU/CSU for digitalization of the health care visited the MEYTEC stand. She was especially informed about the teleneurological solutions in particular the project KHNW-Brunei. Divisional head of medical devices from MEYTEC Dr. Michael Böttcher reported about the advantages of the fast prehospital stroke care with Stroke Emergency Mobile (STEMO).
- More information:

MEYTEC auf dem 2. eHealth-Kongress   MEYTEC auf dem 2. eHealth-Kongress
MEYTEC stand on the 2nd eHealth-Congress in Darmstadt
Photo: Lutz Reum, Connovis

The III. National Congress „Emergency Cases in Neurology“ in Moscow

The Scientific Center for Neurology celebrated the 70th anniversary with the third National Congress “Emergency Cases in Neurology“ in Moscow on 03-04.12.2015. With more than 700 guests from all parts of Russia and from foreign countries discussions took place, in large sessions and small symposiums, about the current problems of neurology. Experienced neurologists offered sessions master-classes with practical relevance for all interested guests. The congress started with the award ceremony of the P.J. Gaponjuk-prize for merits in the medical science and health care in the area of the vascular brain pathology.
Parallel to the congress there was an industry exhibition, where MEYTEC was the only provider of telemedicine solutions especially for neurology. The expert skills of MEYTEC for prehospital and hospital care of acute stroke patients as well as telemedicine supported supply concepts were presented to all interested guests. Solutions VIMED® STEMO and VIMED® TELEAMBULANCE as well as telemedicine stroke networks for rural and undersupplied areas met a great interest by participants.
- More information:

MEYTEC auf dem Kongress - Emergency Cases in Neurology   MEYTEC auf dem Kongress - Emergency Cases in Neurology
MEYTEC stand on the III. National Congress “Emergency Cases in Neurology“ in Moscow

The National Congress Telemedicine in Berlin

From 05th to 6th November 2015 the 6th National Congress Telemedicine took place in Berlin. The current evaluation results shows, that the congress was very successful. MEYTEC supported this year’s congress as Premium Sponsor and exhibitor. Besides the MEYTEC stand there were two partner exhibitors present. The Chili GmbH company and ZTM Bad Kissingen. In addition, MEYTEC were the co-sponsor of this year’s telemedicine prize.
The deputy chairman of the executive board of DGTelemed and MEYTEC CEO Gerhard W. Meyer explained to the guests: ”The current Telemedicine Congress is in my opinion the most successful since it was formed ten years ago. It is also very pleasing to see the rising perception of German Society for Telemedicine at regional, federal and international levels. An increasing number of members and a wide presence of the physicians and representatives of health insurance companies gives a clear signal of success. I believe that the telemedicine users in Germany are very well represented by the DGTelemed”.
- More information:

MEYTEC auf dem 6. Nationalen  Fachkongress Telemedizin   MEYTEC auf dem 6. Nationalen  Fachkongress Telemedizin
MEYTEC stand on the 06th National Congress Telemedicine
Photo: DGTelemed e. V.
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