Issue 01-10 2016
Gerhard W. Meyer

Dear Readers,

From an economic perspective 2016 has been a year of high economic stability and sustainable growth. The highlight in the first half of the year was the implementation of a telemedicine stroke network in the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany). In June the fourth and final phase of a large and technically sophisticated teleneurological pilot project; the Victorian Stroke Telemedicine Program, Australia, was completed. MEYTEC’s commitment to and investment in research and development has resulted in the addition of several new and innovative medical technologies to our portfolio.
Looking ahead to next year, 2017: MEYTEC will present the new products, system, solutions and health care concepts in Erfurt at the 1st German Teleneurological Congress in June. We look forward to welcoming you!

As always, enjoy reading!

Gerhard W. Meyer

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Level 1 certification for fiscal stability by MEYTEC in 2016

MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme attained the first level of certification for fiscal stability from Bisnode, confirmation of the company’s current stability. MEYTEC attained this certification for the sixth year in a row. Gerhard W. Meyer, managing director of MEYTEC remarked: “We as company are happy to receive the certification; it is an acknowledgement and reward for our solid economic actions. We have a responsibility to our customers, who trust us and rely on our economic stability.”

Bisnode Zertifikat

MEYTEC-Events – new column on the company homepage

The homepage of MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme provides new content under “Events”. Here you can find information about the events, at which MEYTEC participates as an exhibitor. In 2016 MEYTEC has exhibited at the European Stroke Organisation Conference in Barcelona (Spain), the 10th World Stroke Congress in Hyderabad (India) and in the UK Stroke Forum in Liverpool (England).

- More information:


1. Deutscher Teleneurologie Kongress
Vimed Pinnwand Events

Expansion of the telemedicine portfolio and development of medical technology

At the start of 2016 discussions took place at executive level to draft the business strategy of the MEYTEC-Group for future. It was decided to extend the range of own original developed and manufactured solutions. Moreover selected telemedicine systems and medicine technologies from other German and international suppliers should be incorporated into the company’s portfolio.

Gerhard W. Meyer, managing director MEYTEC explains: “The future of MEYTEC’s solution based business is the strong link between telemedicine and medical technology characterised by offers with unique selling points and a high level of innovation”. One such example is the mobile CT scanner and full service and support package which is high on the agenda.

Agreement with Samsung Electronics in Germany


In 26th March Samsung Electronics GmbH in Germany and MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme agreed to a sales and service partnership for CT-diagnostic X-ray systems. Firstly it concerns the head CT scanner CereTom manufacturered by Samsung NeuroLogica in the USA. The global player Samsung Electronics with their headquarters in South Korea took over the company NeuroLogica (Danvers,MA) in 2014. In addition to the use of CereTom on board of the mobile stroke emergency ambulance the CT scanner can be deployed in specialized neurological, neuro-surgical and neuro-radiological hospitals. For the first time the new partnership was announced during the 2nd European Stroke Organization Conference from 10th to 13th May 2016 in Barcelona.
- More information: CereTom® Data sheet

Agreement with Norma Diagnostika (Austria/Hungary)


MEYTEC and the manufacturer of the laboratory equipment Norma agreed to a sales partnership. MEYTEC will take over the official sales and support of the new hematological analyzer ICON 3 and ICON 5 in Germany. These laboratory devices have a wide range of innovative properties and benefits such as compact dimensions, modern and intuitive interface, small sample and reagents needs.
- More information: VIMED® ICON 3 Data sheet

News: Telemedicine and Medical Technology
Print News: Telemedicine and Medical Technology

MEYTEC implements the telestroke network in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany)

Telestroke-Netzwerk RLP

On 1st April the new federal wide telemedicine stroke network “Telestroke-Network RLP” in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) was implemented. MEYTEC equipped 6 neurological hospitals and 6 hospitals as a part of the master plan with telemedicine systems. The server infrastructure is located in the data center of the federal state in Mainz and the network hospitals are connected using efficient medMned–VPN-broadband technology.
A new level of the emergency preparedness of neurological services is now available in six neurological hospitals: Catholic Hospital Koblenz-Montabaur, Hospital Idar-Oberstein, Hospital Ludwigshafen, Hospital of the Barmherzige Brüder Trier e.V., University Hospital of the Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz, Westpfalz-Hospital. The six hospitals take turns on a daily basis to offer neurological expertise.
During the launch event of the 21th April 2016 the “Telestroke Network RLP was officially implemented in the presence of Mr. David Langer - State Secretary of the Ministry of Health. Prof. Dr. Grau, the head physician of the neurological department at the Ludwigshafen hospital. The co-initiator of the network explained, that the teleneurological networks are an important and useful complement to the established Stroke-Unit concept especially in the lowlands of the region. The coordination of the network will be performed by the Neurologist, PD Dr. Palm, from Ludwigshafen am Rhein Hospital.

First Telestroke-Pilot started in Italy

MEYTEC has started the first teleneurological project “Telestroke Umbria” in the Italian region Umbria. With the physicians and technical staff from the associated Italian hospital the telestroke network was established and started its first tests in June 2016. Several neurologists in Italy test telemedicine applications from different suppliers, but there was until now, no stroke network in the standard care arena. Neurology specialists from the Umbria region are interested in telemedicine solutions by MEYTEC and they will gather own experience with the fully integrated technology during the pilot. In the “Telestroke Umbria” project there were deployed new telemedicine systems VIMED® TELEDOC 4 HD+ and VIMED® DOC BASIC 3 HD+ as well as MEYTEC’s Server infrastructure.
- More information: VIMED® TELEDOC 4 HD+ Data sheet | VIMED® DOC BASIC 3 HD+ Data sheet

The VST network in Australia is ready

After additional mobile telemedicine workstations VIMED® TELEDOC 5 were delivered, integrated and networked in Australia the 4th phase of the project Victorian Stroke Telemedicine Program (VST) was completed in June 2016. There are 16 mobile telemedicine systems VIMED® TELEDOC 5 deployed overall and several Servers in the VST network. The Melbourne based on call stroke neurologists examine patients with stroke symptoms at regional hospitals throughout the state of Victoria. Despite distances of up to several hundred kilometers the neurologists are able to perform an examination and diagnose the type of stroke using telemedicine before recommending suitable treatment.
MEYTEC prevailed against stiff international competition to secure the contract to provide a telemedicine solution for VST making this one of MEYTEC’s biggest telestroke network outside of Germany.
- More information: VIMED® TELEDOC 5 Data sheet

MEYTEC at the conference of the European Stroke Organization in Spain

The 2nd European Stroke Organization Conference (ESOC) took place from the 10thto 12th May in Barcelona. MEYTEC took part in the exhibition that accompanied the ESOC and focused its message around mobile stroke treatment units. There was a large interest in prehospital solutions for stroke treatment, and the event coincided with to launch of a newly formed group of experts called “PRESTO”.
One of the highlights on MEYTEC’s booth was the presentation of a new system for prehospital stroke diagnostic “Strokefinder”. In addition to prehospital solutions the MEYTEC showed their VIMED® TELEDOC system which demonstrates key features for the deployment of the telemedicine system in a teleneurological network.
The MEYTEC booth was staffed in Barcelona with Philip Eccles (Global Project Manager), Bjarne Lundholm (Business Development Skandinavien) and Dr. Michael Böttcher (Head of the medical technologies and product manager Mobile Stroke Treatment Units). The team had productive discussions with neurological specialists from Europe, USA, Australia and Japan, who expressed interest in the bespoke systems and solutions presented by MEYTEC.

MEYTEC auf der ESOC Konferenz   MEYTEC auf der ESOC Konferenz
MEYTEC at the conference of the European Stroke Organization in Spain

MEYTEC at the CIC-event in Sankt-Petersburg

MEYTEC was part of a trade delegation from the Federal State Brandenburg that visited St. Petersburg (Russia) in April. The event was jointly organized by the CIC of Brandenburg and of CIC Saint Petersburg. Viacheslav Galchenko, one of MEYTEC’s scientific staff presented selected telemedicine solutions applicable for cooperation with medical users from Russian and Germany. There is a large interest for the deployment of teleclinics in Russia, in particular for a teleoncological approach. The complete package contains a teleradiological exchange platform and a web-based portal for enquiry management for physicians and patients with an integrated database.
Since 2015 the VIMED® TELECLINIC has operated in Irkutsk, which primarily cooperates with a hospital in Chemnitz. Meanwhile there are other hospitals interested on the cooperation.

MEYTEC auf IHK-Veranstaltung in Sankt Petersburg   MEYTEC auf IHK-Veranstaltung in Sankt Petersburg
MEYTEC at the CIC-event in Saint-Petersburg

MEYTEC at the 7th National Congress Telemedicine in Berlin

From the 03th to the 04th November 2016 the 7th National Congress Telemedicine opened its doors at the Ellington Hotel in Berlin. As a premium sponsor and exhibitor MEYTEC’s main focus was on the Stroke Emergency Mobile (STEMO) and the results of the new STEMO trial. Expert from different countries recognize the feature of stroke care in this prehospital concept. The results of a new clinical trial show that patients treated with the STEMO solution can expect a better outcome, than patients treated on the conventional way. Other scientific studies should also confirm the positive trend.
- More information:

Stemo   7. Nationaler  Fachkongress Telemedizin
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