Issue 01-05 2017
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News: Telemedicine and Medical Technology

The second Stroke Emergency Mobile (STEMO) starts in Berlin

The fully equipped second edition of the Stroke Emergency Mobile (STEMO) was deployed in April 2017 in the Accident Hospital (UKB) in Berlin. The STEMO 2 will enable rapid prehospital health care to achieve the better outcome in the eastern part of Germany’s capital. The enhanced technical development of the STEMO by MEYTEC focused especially on extending the stability and reliability of the complete solution. Technical specialists from MEYTEC provide also service and support for all medical devices, laboratory equipment and telemedicine systems including CT scanner, lab devices, teleradiological and server infrastructure. The prehospital health care model provides complete diagnostics for stroke allowing treatment to start on board of STEMO, before patients are transported to the nearest appropriate hospital, for better outcomes.

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Stemo Start am ukb
Photo: ukb

MEYDOC® – Videoconsultations between doctor and patient at home

The growing numbers of the digital devices and transmission media as well as the provision of wider bandwidths has increased the interest in video communication in medicine. Video communication between doctors and patients in their home environment is an important health care topic. To this end MEYTEC presents a new solution MEYDOC® , which can be operated by doctors on laptop and/or tablet PC and by patients at home using a tablet PC or Smartphone. The MEYDOC® solution meets the high data security requirements needed in the medical after care sector.

The feedback from users is positive, not least because of the excellent service and support provided by the MEYTEC’s specialists during the early adoption stage. For patients living in rural areas with insufficient broadband connectivity can be supplied with a mobile router to provide an adequate bandwidth for video communication.

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meydoc - Videokonsultation zwischen Arzt und Patient zu Hause

VIMED® CAR 3 – a telemedicine communication hub for ambulance

MEYTEC developed a new generation of the telemedicine communication hub for ambulances named VIMED® CAR 3. Showed at the conhIT 2017 in Berlin, the communication hub is designed for easy integration into standard ambulances. The integrated VIMED® CAR 3 unit receives and processes digitalized diagnostic data from available POCT-devices and provides that data via a high available mobile network to the specialist hospital. VIMED® CAR 3 also provides a high quality video communication between the ambulance?s staff, patients on board and remote medical experts. The components of the VIMED® CAR 3 provide suitable interfaces for processing and storing medical information. For example, the VIMED® TELEMEDIZINAKTE solution fulfils the requirements of interoperability for interaction with other telemedicine systems
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vimed car3

MEYTEC receives an award in the „getIT HealthTourism“

The Berlin Partner agency for Business Development and Technology and the agency for site marketing Visit Berlin, started a competition “getIT HealthTourism” in 2016. The competitors were invited to share the innovative ideas, how to develop medical tourism in Berlin-Brandenburg. The finalists were presented at the conhIT 2017 event. MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme achieved 2nd place with the conceptual idea of “International telemedicine based representative offices of the health care region Berlin-Brandenburg”. The pro forma check in the amount of 5.000 Euro was handed over by Mr. Christian Rickerts (State secretary in the Ministry of Economics, Energy and Work in the Berlin Senate) to the managing director of MEYTEC Mr. Gerhard W. Meyer, in the presence of Viacheslav Galchenko (scientific staff, MEYTEC) and Dr. Stefan Dornheim (managing director of Epos Pro GmbH).
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getIT HealthTourism für MEYTEC   getIT HealthTourism MEYTEC Preisübergabe
„getIT HealthTourism“award ceremony, Photo: Berlin/Partner / J. Dobrind

MEYTEC at conhIT 2017

The MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme presented new and existing well-known telemedicine systems and solutions in the pavilion of the Federal State of Berlin-Brandenburg from the 25th to 27th April 2017 at the conhIT 2017 in Berlin. The main focus was a presentation of the new solutions: MEYDOC® for secure audiovisual remote consultation in the medicine, e.g. by aftercare in the home environment and VIMED® CAR 3 as telemedicine communication hub for ambulance. Heidrun Wienicke – Sales Manager by MEYTEC and Viacheslav Galchenko – Scientific Staff both attended to inform interested parties about possible deployment scenarios.
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MEYTEC auf der conhIT   MEYTEC ist Aussteller auf der conhIT
MEYTEC stand at the conhIT 2017

Opening ceremony of the ANNOTeM project funded by Innovation Fund


The project „Akutneurologische Versorgung in Nordost-Deutschland mit telemedizinischer Unterstützung“ (Abbreviation: ANNOTeM),  funded by the Innovation Fund, was officially launched on 10th of May in the venue of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Stiftung, Berlin. The welcome speech was delivered by the department head of the Charité teaching hospital, Prof. Dr. Axel Radlach-Pries as well as by the Health Care Minister of the Federal State of Brandenburg – Diana Golze. The project coordinator Prof. Dr. Heinrich Audebert – Head of the Neurological Department at the Charité, Campus Benjamin Franklin – explained the main objectives of the project. This was supported by a demonstration of the telemedicine solution at the event venue. The auditorium in Berlin was connected with the partner organization located in Bergen at the Rügen Island. Dr. Angermaier from the neurological Teaching Hospital in Bergen and Dr. Kinze from the neurological emergency hospital in Berlin performed a model teleconsultation to the assembled guests. 11 hospitals from the Federal States of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg will be involved step-by-step in a large tele-stroke-network with the central expertise in the Charité, Greifswald und UKB Berlin. Additionally to the telemedicine based stroke services the focus of the ANNOTeM project is also the development of new conceptual health care models for epilepsy and meningitis supported by telemedicine.
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Auftaktveranstaltung ANNOTeM   Auftaktveranstaltung ANNOTeM
Opening ceremony of the ANNOTeM project funded by Innovation Fund

Visit MEYTEC from the 23th to the 24th of June at the 1st German Congress of Teleneurology in Erfurt

Teleneurology is a positive experience by integration of the modern technologies in neurology. Telestroke is only one of the other neurological disorders, so that the German Society for Telemedicine in cooperation with the neurological hospital of Hans-Berger had an explicit objective to show the importance of telemedicine in the field of neurology.
MEYTEC is the premium sponsor of the congress. Visit the MEYTEC stand to see our brand-new products, systems and innovative supply concepts. We invite you to use the exclusive offer and register at the favorable conditions to visit us in the venue of the Hotel Dorint in Erfurt. Please, enter “MEYTEC2017” in the field “Abteilung” into the registration form and you will get 15% discount price.

See you soon in Erfurt!

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 Teleneurologie Kongress

MEYTEC is exhibitor in Berlin, Prague and Aarhus

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