Issue 01-12 2018
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Development of the technical area in Werneuchen

MEYTEC Unternehmenssitz MEYTEC Unternehmenssitz Ausbau

As part of an ongoing commitment to developing better working conditions for staff, as well as improving efficiency in the production, storage and distribution of our telemedical solutions, significant works have been carried out at our Werneuchen / OT Seefeld HQ.
Managing director of MEYTEC, Steffen Meyer said: “After the intended completion of the construction work in 2019 we will have an excellent basis for the extension of production as a result of the increased demand for telemedicine products, solutions and conceptual ideas provided by MEYTEC”.

Distribution cooperation for automotive router with bintec

The manufacturing company bintec elmeg GmbH located in Bavaria have agreed a distribution cooperation with MEYTEC GmbH for their newly developed H2 Automotive+ Router for vehicles. Mobile routers are increasingly being deployed across all modes of transport including: emergency vehicles, buses, trains and trucks. The fusion of LTE (Long Term Evolution) network and integrated bonding technology for simulating up to 4 mobile data channels provides high available connectivity with the internet and enables new deployment possibilities for company fleets an for passengers on-board. The internet access in the vehicles occurs via WiFi-Access points. Steffen Meyer explained: “We are delighted to establish this new partnership. We are sure, that the market demand for such a solution will increasingly grow for years to come. MEYTEC can provide a professional technical support to the user of this technology”.

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